Day 2664: Oddballs

Greetings, fellow Oddballs!

This blogging Oddball noticed this oddball headline yesterday from my oddball local paper:



Do you agree that the coronavirus makes oddballs of us all?

Earlier in my oddball day, somebody in a Coping and Healing group said they felt like an oddball until they expressed their feelings and realized they were not alone. Oddly enough, I’ve seen this happen hundreds of times over my 20-odd years as a group therapist.

Later in my oddball day, several Oddballs in another remote Coping and Healing group did a scavenger hunt in our oddball homes, finding and sharing  oddball things that were important to us.  One of the oddball, important, and favorite items shared was this:


Oddly enough, this oddball item was not shared by me during the scavenger hunt but by a different Oddball.

Are you ready for some other recent oddball images captured by this Oddball during these oddball times?










That last oddball photo shows an oddball item I retrieved and showed in yesterday’s oddball scavenger hunt. Does anybody have an oddball guess of what that entertaining item was?

This Oddball has oddly been having trouble writing oddball songs lately, but I did write these recent oddball lyrics:

Now more than ever

We need to be together,

But now is the time we need to stay apart.

Because people are contagious

New behaviors seem outrageous

And each of us is holding lots of worry in our heart.


Here and here are two oddball original songs I performed in August 2019 for lots of oddballs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, one of the biggest yearly gatherings of oddballs in the world (which has been cancelled during this oddball year):



This Oddball had planned to perform that second oddball song at a gathering of other social worker oddballs at the hospital where we work, but that annual party was also cancelled during this oddball year.

During oddball times like these, we have to remember to grieve our losses and to realize that we are not alone.

I’m looking forward to lots of oddball comments, below, and here’s some oddball thanks from one oddball to another!




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19 thoughts on “Day 2664: Oddballs

  1. Wishing you a great weekend.

  2. Somebody scavenged a keyboard, Ann?! Score!

  3. I love your two oddball original songs. Sending you much love and light this beautiful Friday!

  4. It is really hard to imagine Edinburgh without the Fringe in summer. Your timing was very good, in making last year your debut there.

    I hope that you have a good weekend.

  5. I’ve always known I was an oddball, but I’ve also always managed to find a community. The internet expanded that community so much and really opened me up to how much our little world is an astronomical oddball.

  6. puella33

    I think you are very talented , Ann. I feel like an odd ball to begin with,as I have acute panic attacks, now they have gotten worse. . Can’t wait for things to get better.

  7. You calling me an oddball??????????????????
    I’m offended………………….
    Oh hang on I am, so all is good

  8. i love you inspirational music, and your lyrics are perfect. i believe we each are, or think we are, an oddball in our own way, and in that, we are united.

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