Day 2663: One Moment at a Time

Many moments ago, I published my most recent blog post, wherein I wrote

Consider taking these days one MOMENT at a time.

I took my own advice and took yesterday one moment at a time.  Here are some moments, at a time when we all need to notice the better moments:











Yesterday, one moment at a time,

  • I facilitated another Coping and Healing group remotely,
  • We all practiced social distancing,
  • We took Oscar to the vet because of some scary symptoms,
  • The vet called us in the parking lot outside the clinic and diagnosed him as “handsome,”
  • They took lots of tests,
  • Despite our fears, they did not keep Oscar overnight,
  • Michael made a delicious meal which even he thought was great, and
  • Everybody seemed fine.

Today, one moment at a time, I’ll be remotely facilitating two Coping and Healing groups,  conducting a mindfulness exercise for many of my co-workers at a Boston hospital, and also receiving Oscar’s test results.

What’s your favorite song with the word “moment” in the titleThis is the moment-ous song that occurred to me, moments ago:

One moment at a time, I’ll be appreciating your comments and expressing thanks to all.


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26 thoughts on “Day 2663: One Moment at a Time

  1. I hoping for good news about handsome cat Oscar coming in today, Ann.

  2. One moment at a time, is all we can do. Take care, and good health.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to take life one moment at a time! Best to Mr Handsome Oscar that the results will be NBD. Btw, my Daisy woke me this am around 5:15 howling at a stray cat on the other side of the lanai screen door. I rushed out there and scared the interloper off and shooed her back in the house. I’d been letting her out in the early I could sleep undisturbed. So much for that!

  4. …Annd enjoy every moment! ~~~ヽ(=^‥^=)丿~~~

  5. “A moment like this” by Kelly Clarkson comes to mind. It’s so important to stay present. I strive for that myself because that truly is all we have. Quieting the chatter, mot allow our minds to pull us backwards in the past or forwards into the present is crucial for inner peace and happiness. All we can appreciate and see is each present moment. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing, helping others to heal my friend. Great post❤

  6. I am sure that Oscar was happier spending the night at home than at the vet’s hospital. I really hope that the vet can help him feel well. Please give him a gentle hug from me.

  7. puella33

    I hope Oscar feels better. Is that a castle I see in the third photo, Ann?

    • We all feel better because Oscar’s test results have been good, so far. And that is a condo or apartment building nearby but, for the moment, thanks to your comment, I am now seeing it as a castle!

      • puella33

        I see prettier things without wearing my glasses

  8. I didn’t realize until moments ago that “moment” comes from the same Latin word as “momentum”. Here’s hoping the moments keep moving us forward, and that Oscar The Handsome feels better soon.

  9. Life is full of moments some good some bad but all moments

  10. Dreamer9177

    I hope that Oscar will be fine.

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