Day 2665: WTF??!

What, There’s Frost on April 18 in Boston??!



WTF is going on here??!

Why These Fotos??!



















WTF do you think WTF might stand for??!

WTF is this??!

Where’s The Friggin’ comments section??!  It’s below, if you want to express Whatever, Thoughts and Feelings.

Who’s Thankful,  Friends?




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23 thoughts on “Day 2665: WTF??!

  1. Will These Fears subside with medical and testing advances, Ann?

  2. Wow, That’s Fabulous! So much snow…please send some over. It’s freakin’ hot here. LOL!

  3. We Tackle Fear. each in our own way, and our own time. like your cat seeking refuge in the comfort of the curtains.

  4. Several years ago a joke going around was “I’d like to thank whoever told my mom WTF means ‘Wow That’s Fantastic’. Her texts are so much more interesting.” And I thought, well, that’s funny.
    If Mom ever figured it out I bet her children got a frosty reception.

  5. I am glad to see that your fridge is well-stocked. The snow is a surprise but pretty. I hope Oscar is all right

    Are you recommending that we read If…Questions for the Soul? Do you have any other book recommendations?

    WTF = Wow! That Fridge!

    • Wow! Thanks, Friend.

      Oscar is all right, for now, “If… Questions for the Soul” is a book I use in my Coping and Healing groups to generate discussion, and WTF is the matter with me that I never read real books any more?

  6. I just spied a couple of snowflakes attempting to fall from the sky.

    Where is spring?

    sorry about What The Frost. Love the photos. Love visiting here.

  7. I know! WTF?! Excuse me while I have a little tantrum and kick the pillow. Whew! That feels better! Let’s dance!

  8. I have to ask–why is your pasta in the refrigerator? Love the Missy Elliot!

  9. We teach folks.
    Well tempered feelings.
    We touch fingers.
    Well taught friends.
    Whatever teachers feel.

  10. Heard this morning that Covid 19 likes cold weather……wtf

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