Day 1946: Have you got all day?

Yesterday, when I had all day to

  • walk over 16,000 steps,
  • attend  a presentation about working with trauma in group therapy, and
  • go food shopping with Michael,

I saw this:


I AM curious about that person’s hedgehog, but I haven’t got all day to hear about it.  I actually haven’t got all day to do any one thing. Every day, I like to mix it up, leaving room for

  • listening,
  • talking,
  • walking,
  • animals,
  • people,
  • working,
  • playing,
  • thinking,
  • feeling,
  • breathing,
  • music,
  • eating,  and
  • balancing my needs with other people’s needs (like talking about their hedgehogs or whatever else is important to them).

I also don’t have all day to write these posts and I assume you don’t have all day to read them.  But I do have all day, every day, to notice what’s around me.












We have got only so many days in this lifetime, so how do we want to spend our days?

It won’t take all day to listen to “The Hedgehog’s Song” by The Incredible String Band.

I’ve got all day to experience gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create this post and — of course! — to YOU.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1946: Have you got all day?

  1. I wish I had all day to look at those views of the water Ann! Work calls…. have a good day!

  2. Becky suggested recently to Ian that a good way of getting his own back on a procrastinating solicitor would be to say “I’ll get my father-in-law on to you – he’ll pull up a chair and tell you one of his stories”. It was good to be taken back to The Incredible String Band

  3. Come on babies, I’ve got all day!

  4. Ha ha, love Michelle Obama’s poster!

  5. Love you too, Ann!

  6. I once spent several hours–not all day, but a good part of a day–watching a wild hedgehog. It was curled in a ball when I found it but after I was still and quiet it got up and bumbled around on surprisingly spindly legs. I could have spent all day watching it, and I shared that experience with the author of this book on hedgehog art who was glad I knew how charming they are.

  7. Back to work I am today, Ann. Wow.

  8. When people tell me that I have all day to do stuff I think yeah but I don’t want to be all day doing what I have to do

  9. Glad you go around noticing things and showing them to us. I like all your water views, too….

    • I hope you notice that my next blog post is titled “Notice.” I like the way you express your views, Lisa!

  10. I have a hedgehog !

  11. So grateful to have all day and to spend time with you Ann.💛

  12. I’m happy to have all day
    I’m here to stay
    But moving anyway
    Like a hedgehog at play.

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