Day 1947: Notice

I notice a lot.  For example, I notice that food advertisers (suppliers and restaurants)  often portray  animals they’re serving as very happy that they’re about to be eaten.  Did you ever notice that?


What do you notice about that lobster?

I also notice certain words, like “notice.”


I just noticed that I used the word “notice” in yesterday’s post.

I also notice that certain words stand out for me.  What word do you notice in this next photo?


I noticed the word “paranoid” —  that’s why I took that photo. Maybe I noticed “paranoid” because

  • I’m a psychotherapist,
  • I’m capable of being paranoid (especially when I’m sleep deprived or very hungry), and
  • people who notice a lot might get more paranoid than people who don’t notice things.

I notice that I took only three photos yesterday.

I also notice that when people quit, it’s called “giving notice.” Notice that I don’t have time this morning to explore why that is.  However, I notice that my loyal reader (and fabulous blogger) Christopher, who also notices a lot, often looks up word and phrase derivations.  We’ll notice  if Chris discovers anything about “giving notice.”  Even if he doesn’t, he’s worthy of notice and so are you.

I notice that it’s time for me to share some music.

I notice that it’s the first day of May, the month my son will be coming home from University in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Notice that “Rock Lobster” is by The B-52s, one of my son’s favorite bands when he was a little kid.

If you leave a comment, I’ll definitely notice.

Notice that I always end with gratitude to all who help me create these posts and — of course! — to YOU.


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21 thoughts on “Day 1947: Notice

  1. I am so glad that Aaron is coming home soon!
    Always enjoyed Rock Lobster.
    It is 4 in the morning here and I am enjoying noticing what you are noticing. Thanks!

    • I notice that we both can be awake in the middle of the night, Maureen. I am so glad you enjoyed this post.

  2. Huh…I never noticed.

  3. This post made me notice so many things-and what about putting someone on notice… in that case they may want to give notice. 🙂

  4. I’ve noticed that I’m too tired to comment tonight 😏

  5. I guess it wouldn’t work to make the advertisement animals look sad, Ann. People would take too much notice of that.

  6. If you’d seen me this morning you might have noticed I had an enormous smile on my face at not only being mentioned but described as famous, and to be placed among such lofty figures as Aaron and the B-52’s. And I’m noticing so much I don’t know where to begin–although Shakespeare is always a good start. One of the earliest recorded uses of the phrase “to give notice” is from Richard III, although I notice it varies and that some sources use the phrase “to give order”, which is synonymous. And if you could see me you might notice me singing and dancing.

  7. I notice Chris didn’t let you down

  8. Reblogged this on KCJones and commented:
    Happy May Day to you

  9. Did you notice I was here, I may be short but I am also fat so not easy to hide and blend in, just saying

  10. I love Christopher’s response. Goodness. All the way back to Richard III. I must say though, I haven’t thought about Rock Lobster for years, but when it was new and in new wave clubs, par of the dance was to fall on the floor and wiggle your arms and legs!

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