Day 1827: How do I look?

How do I look?

If I want to see clearly, I look with glasses.

How do these possible new avatars look?







How do I look?  If I want to see something interesting, I look around me.









How do I look at that torn leg on that beautiful tiger? The same way I look at my own scars  and the scars of others.

With compassion.

How do you look? Do you look happy for the new year?


How do I look at that last photo? With the realization that we need to look at the dark and the light to see it all.

How do I look when I sing, nervous but not afraid?


My New Year’s resolution:  not to worry so much about how I look.

How do I look for comments?  Below each post.

How do I look for gratitude? Everywhere.



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27 thoughts on “Day 1827: How do I look?

  1. The first few photos cry out for me to say “Can you see me know?” I’ll add, “Happy New Year, Ann”

  2. About four hundred years ago Galileo put two lenses together and saw the universe in a new way. A short time later Leeuwenhoek used the first microscope to see new worlds within worlds. Now I look forward to seeing what else you will share in the new year.

  3. Happy New Year Ann! Great resolution 😉

  4. I see the world differently every time I come here and see how you look at it with such enthusiasm and wonder!

    Happy New Year Ann!

  5. you know i totally get this, ann )

  6. One of my all time favorite songs, and the other one soothed me. 🙂 Thank you for the liveliness you add to everything we see here.

  7. What awesome photos

  8. Lookin’ Good to me Ann! Happy New year.

  9. I vote for either of the tigers! Thank you for this blog.

  10. You do not look nervous. You do not sound nervous. Your table has some interesting moments!

  11. Look – you must feature socks

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  13. I like the tiger look!

  14. Well, you look ANNgelic as always! Happy new year!(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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