Day 1828: Where have all the _______ gone?

Yesterday, I took a look at my local supermarket,  saw this ….


… and immediately thought of this song:


Where have all the

  • flowers,
  • folk singers,
  • sing-alongs,
  • bees,
  • frogs,
  • endangered species,
  • peace talks,
  • chocolate futures, and
  • smart leaders gone?

When will we ever learn?

Where have all my photos gone? Gone to blog posts, every one.




Where have all the comments gone?  I’ll look for them later, when I’m less clueless and more clueful.

Where have all the thanks gone?  They’re here, at the end of every blog.


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19 thoughts on “Day 1828: Where have all the _______ gone?

  1. “Where Have All The Good Times Gone”, the Kinks, Nov 1965.

  2. love those glasses Ann. So sad those empty flower holders, but I suppose that means lots of people received flowers!

  3. The original!

  4. I think Van Halen covered that Kinks tune. I could verify that quickly but I think that I’d have to don a pair of parachute pants to do so.

  5. I remember the song very well.

  6. A few years ago I heard a talk by someone from Cornell University about their efforts to stop producing any waste. What stuck with me is the speaker said, “In nature there is no such thing as waste. In nature waste is food.” Nothing ever really goes away, although what we do now can make life either easier or more difficult for future generations. Will we ever learn?

  7. Since 2013, all your blog posts have gone to readers, and of all your words, I have read every one. Thank you, Ann.

  8. Great music, for that I thank you, a world without flowers would be horrible and sad just saying

  9. I love seeing your former gravatar, the tiger!!!

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