Day 1826: Be nervous but don’t be afraid.

I’m nervous but I won’t be afraid of pointing out that this is my second blog post in a row where I’m telling my readers how to be. Yesterday, I quoted the sign “Be Visible” and today I’m quoting this, by graphic designer and artist Sam Lee.


On this last day of 2017, I’m doing my best to be nervous but not afraid of 2018.

Be nervous but don’t be afraid of today’s other photos.









A Zen cat I know (my son Aaron) recently told me: “Don’t be afraid of using more words in your posts, instead of relying so much on your photos.”  Every morning, I nervously resolve to write more words here but, somehow, my photos seem to say so much.   For example, I am nervous but not afraid of

  • IDs,
  • traffic,
  • running,
  • being extraordinary,
  • being chicken,
  • unlikely friendships, and
  • cats peeing on things.

For five years, this daily blog has helped me be nervous but not afraid of many challenges of life, including getting a mechanical heart valve

and moving to a new home by the sea.

Be nervous but don’t be afraid of expressing your thoughts and feelings in a comment, if you choose.

As usual, I’m nervous but not afraid of expressing how grateful I am to all those who help me create this blog and — of course! — to YOU.


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33 thoughts on “Day 1826: Be nervous but don’t be afraid.

  1. You’ve got it down, Ann, day to day and year to year. Happy Eve to you, Michael and the Zen Cat.

  2. Happy New Year – I love your So What song, Ann!

  3. An interesting comment by Aaron! I am intrigued that you shared it. Would you like my thoughts on that?

    My recollection is that in the early days of your blog, your posts were wordier, almost like short essays. I don’t remember many photos but I still remember many of the things you wrote about and wrestled with, your hopes and insecurities. I always wondered how you found the time to do so much soul-searching, let alone writing.

    I like your blog any way that you choose to shape it, but I got to know you through those early posts. I still enjoy revisiting the classics.

    I also enjoy your photos, particularly when they are of people you care about or of the water view from your new home. However, I am not visually oriented and I have difficulties with my vision so often I really only focus on or absorb one or two of the photos in a post. Perhaps a cat. Even so, I will often miss details in a photo, unless it is a meal Michael cooked for you. I find it easier to remember your thoughts than your photos. But I know some people here see everything in all the photos and sometimes their comments prompt me to look at them again. Whenever I go back to see your photos again, they always look like a completely new set!

    • I remember your thoughts, Maureen, and appreciate all of them, including these. Happy Completely New Year from my family to yours!

  4. I like the gift of this post. I don’t mind the nerves, nerves without fear is excitement! 🙂

  5. Happy New Year! I too am afraid of cats peeing on things, hence the number of baby gates in my house. Also, I always love your photos–they say so much!

  6. Hello, Ann. I haven’t been very active this year on the blog. Yes, we all have fears, and I am reminded of the saying “Fear knocked on the door. Courage answered, and there was no one there.” It was popular in the l940s during WW11. So,here’s to the New Year of less days of nervousness and more days of petting our cats. Happy New Year!

  7. May 2018 be less stressful and dramatic for you! Love the spirit of your song!

  8. The poet Sharon Olds says she’s learned to get out of art’s way, to accept that a poem will choose it’s own direction, which may be different from what she wants. That can happen with your blog too. With that I feel less nervous about sharing this, which I know you’ll remember.

  9. Be nervous but don’t be afraid of
    Breaking news…

    Your blog is getting better and better!!

  10. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay nervus is my middel naym!!! wel i meen akchooally my middel name is the vizsla but yoo no wot i meen!!! happy noo yeer to yoo!!! ok bye

  11. Happy New Year!!!

  12. Hi Ann, Happy New Year to you, It’s already 10.00am 1st Jan 2018 here in Geelong, and I’m nervous about the year ahead for me, but not afraid of my journey.

  13. Nothing wrong with being nervous, nothing wrong with being afraid as long as the fear doesn’t cripple us, that said I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for all

  14. Don’t be nervous until you have to be. Happy new year, Ann.

  15. I’ve never read it, but “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” has to be a great book title

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