Day 1814: Recalculating

Since I’ve gotten up this morning, I’ve been recalculating

  • what to name this post,
  • what to write about,
  • how often to check the news today,
  • how many photos to include,
  • ways to facilitate a Yankee Swap at work,
  • what to wear to the work holiday party, and
  • how to introduce this picture:


Sometimes, when I assume there’s a right thing to do (even when I’m not sure what it is) and especially when I hear other people adamantly disagreeing about what that right thing is, I look like Santa and his reindeer on that greeting card. Then, I pick myself up and try again.

Now I’m recalculating how to order the rest of my photos from yesterday.

















As usual, I recalculated the order of those photos several times.

Now I’ll recalculate what YouTube video to include.


It don’t mater if you’ve  lost your way.

It don’t matter, just recalculate.

In a little while you’ll find your way.

It may take a while, you’ll find your way.

Paul Colman


What are you recalculating, here and now?

At the end, I’m recalculating how to express thanks to all who help me create these posts and — of course! — to you.



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18 thoughts on “Day 1814: Recalculating

  1. That looks like some yummy dinner Ann! No recalculating needed for that! 🙂

  2. I almost bought that Christmas card yesterday, Ann, but recalculated to a more serious thought. 😮

  3. My first laugh of the morning. Santa should have listened closer.

  4. We’re just home from a road trip with a new Garmin. I think she needs rewiring, as she took us around blocks and through neighborhoods and then back onto the main road several times over the week. For no apparent reason. So we decided to mess with her and drove around a mall parking lot a few times. That will show he! Recalculating!

  5. Latkes,??? Mmmmm!

  6. Early in his career Stephen Hawking calculated that if the universe were to collapse back on itself time would go in reverse. Some other physicists recalculated his work and concluded he’d made a mistake. Time would still move forward.
    I’ve wondered if he made that mistake because he wanted time to go backward, to revisit the past.
    Maybe we can’t go backward but we can use what we’ve learned in the past to recalculate before going forward.

  7. Life is full of recalculating

  8. Sums was never my thing. I reckon to go with the flow

  9. Recalculating

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