Day 1813: Yeah, I have a dark side.

Yeah, I have a dark side.  So do we all.

If we deny our dark sides, we tend to project them on to people we define as “the other.”

So if we’re characterizing people different from us as

  • cheap,
  • stupid,
  • lazy,
  • greedy, or
  • otherwise less than us,

we’re probably projecting our own dark sides onto them.

Yeah, I have a dark side and I own it, as a way of not imposing it on others.

Yeah, I have these socks.



Yeah, I have two other photos from yesterday.



Do those photos have dark sides?

Yeah, I have a Dark Side video to share.

Yeah, I have a dark side that’s greedy for attention, so please leave a comment below.

Yeah, I have another side that expresses gratitude for all who help me create these blogs and for those who read them, including multi-sided you!



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31 thoughts on “Day 1813: Yeah, I have a dark side.

  1. Most of the time you appear with your sunny side up, Ann.

  2. I have a dark side too.

  3. Yeah, me too Ann. But themore I learn the less I am projecting.

  4. The people that scare me the most are the ones that think that they are pure as the driven snow. Most of us to realize we are just fallible humans are far less dangerous :-).

  5. Last night my wife and I were watching The Sound Of Music and I said my favorite character is Uncle Max. My wife said “At least he’s a good guy in the end.” And I realized that’s why I like him so much. He presents his dark side to the world but he has a light side too, and that side comes out when it matters.

  6. I agree, we do all have a dark side Ann. Then it is up to us, which side we feed and give attention to.

  7. Without the shadow, the light wouldn’t shine! Keep shining your light Ann… knowing that you are magnificently imperfect 🙀🧟‍♀️🤩

  8. We all have a dark side, and our dark side is what makes us whole can’t be sunshine and light all the time

  9. Awesome socks–I have s pair from the same company that say “This meeting is bullsh*t”. I wear them as needed…

  10. Those are excellent socks!
    You don’t show your dark side here very often, Ann. Maybe, ever. Harley does not look like he has much of a dark side, either. I wonder how Oscar is going these days?

    • We try to show our different sides, Maureen, and Oscar is currently showing different sides on my lap. Thanks for another excellent comment!

  11. I hope my dark side doesn’t come out to play TOO often! If I can find a pair of socks like those… 🙂

  12. Those socks made me laugh out loud Ann 🙂

  13. Human beings are “Other” creating machines. This is Allan Kurzberg’s Third Postulate. It does reflect a dark side, but I think it’s more helpful to see the “Other” in a broader context–part of what Allan called OE-, where OE- reflects any harmful irrational emotions strong enough to overcome rational thought.

  14. For years I tried to deny my dark side. Now maybe I enjoy it a little too much. I like being snarky sometimes. And if people aren’t looking where they’re going, but talking or texting as they walk through the grocery store, I snicker when they run into shopping carts or displays in the middle of the aisles. Yeah, I have a dark side.

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