Day 1815: This year has been ____ .

How would you fill in the blank in today’s title?

This is my choice:


This year has been nuts.  I decided that even before I saw  today’s headline:

Confusion and chaos ahead as new tax rules take immediate effect.

Confusion and chaos ahead?  What about all the confusion and chaos we’ve experienced this year already?  All this confusion and chaos is


To distract myself from the confusion, the chaos and the nuts, I took these other photos yesterday.




I also distracted myself yesterday by talking to Karen, who was  our neighbor before we moved near the ocean.  She told me this story:

This friend of mine,  who is a wonderful cook, sent invitations for a dinner that was “Soup to Nuts.”  I was expecting the best meal ever.  When we got there, there was soup, different kinds of soup, and nothing else.  She was serving soup to nuts and we were the nuts!

If you search for “nuts” on Youtube, you might find this video:

Thanks to all who helped me not go nuts this year, including my boyfriend, my family, my friends, my co-workers, my cats, and — of course! — YOU.


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37 thoughts on “Day 1815: This year has been ____ .

  1. Nuts is still better than crazy. For me this year’s been turbulent (which could also translate to nuts!) 😏

  2. I’m nits for Christopher Walken Ann. That is pretty funny about the dinner party 🙂

  3. Nuts covers a lot ha. The video of Christopher Walken for Fatboy Slim was great.

  4. This year chock full for sure, Ann. And we cracked the schedule to see you in Cape Cod!

  5. The word I’d use to fill in the blank is ‘challenging’ – not just for 2017 but every year of my adult life!
    I love the idea of giving a soup dinner party. It would be perfect for me as soup is about the only thing I can cook.

  6. Good mirn8ng, Ann! I’m nuts for your blog, any day! 🤓 That nutty Ronald sang a mean Jet riff 😄.

  7. Ack! Morning! That iOS 11 update 5( a5 throws n7mb34 int9 words Passos me off!

  8. I agree Ann, this year has been nuts, challenging, crazy, exciting etc.

  9. the year of the monkey?

  10. One evening a friend and I were walking down a sidewalk and I was telling him about the music video for Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon Of Choice”. We passed a clothing store that had a TV in it’s front window and that very video was playing. It was nuts! And you can see why.

    • It’s nuts that I’ve never seen that video before. That’s now my anti-nuts weapon of choice — I’ll be viewing that many times over the holidays. Thanks, Chris.

    • Omg! I love that video! Isn’t that callled synchronicity when something happens like that? When I was a teenager I was thinking of Robert Culp from “I Spy” when I heard his name on the radio. But my best one was driving through through Kankakee, Illinois just as Arlo Guthrie sang ”The train pulled out at Kankakee” as the song “City of New Orleans” played on our radio.

  11. Yep–I was going to say “challenging” but nuts works:)!

  12. It seems this year has been a Grumpy cat!

  13. Dinner party host is a winner!

    Nuts pretty much covers the year in the most non-cussing way possible.

  14. JoHanna Massey

    Such a funny story from your friend Karen. Just watched Christopher’s – Weapon of Choice video . Too much fun! Great post as always. Thank you.

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