Day 1761: Frustrating

When I type “frustrating” into WordPress to see if I’ve ever written about that topic before, the results are frustrating:

Day 153: Do I Dare to Tweet a Tweet?

Day 148: Dreams I Have Known

Day 108: Everything makes sense on some level(s)

Day 23: 8 Degrees of Safety

Why are those results frustrating?

  • They’re all from my first year of blogging.
  • None of them have photos or music, so my current readers may find them frustrating.
  • None of them use the word “frustrating.”

In my therapy groups lately, “frustrating” keeps turning up.


That’s frustrating.   The word I wrote on my white board in group yesterday is actually “frustration.”

If I search WordPress for “frustration,” several of my old blog posts show up, including these (which include pictures, music, and the word “frustration”):

Day 1469: Rubatosis

Day 1486: You don’t want to do that

Day 1633: Tantrums

One of those posts was also very popular.

What’s frustrating for you, these days?

For me, the news is frustrating.

Is it frustrating that I have only two other photos to share today?



It’s frustrating that it takes a lot longer to take and upload photos since I updated my iPhone last week. However, if that’s my main problem these days, I am truly blessed.

Here‘s the first thing that comes up on YuTube for “frustrating.”

Is that the most frustrating video? How long could you take it?

It would be frustrating if I forgot to thank everyone who helps me create these posts and — of course! — YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 1761: Frustrating

  1. I loved the first year of your blog, when you were dealing with frustrations!!!! Still among my favourite posts.

  2. My father has trouble with the word “frustrate” so he always pronounces it “flustrate”, which I think is an excellent example of a portmanteau word. When frustrated we often get flustered.
    It flustrates me that word isn’t in any dictionary.

  3. Lately I’ve been very frustrated with my persistent Neuralgia pain that won’t go away. ..~~~

  4. I’m frustrated with a lingering virus. AND I watched the whole video laughing in recognition at some of the frustrating stuff. It’s kind of nice to know, yup, that happens to other people…

  5. In cat language, it’s called ‘furs-trating’ ㄱ(ㅇㅅㅇ” )ㄴ

  6. Keep your hair on 🙂

  7. Frustrating is when things dont go the way we want … and is a great reminder that we are not Controllers of the Universe after all. (Wondering if they have a Halloween costume for tt?)

    • Your comments are never frustrating, Val! I’ll let you know if I see any Controllers of the Universe costumes for trick or treat.

  8. Hi Ann, two times in one day I come to visit. How crazy is that? I am frustrated how little spare time I have, and when I do have spare time, others find ways to fill it. AARGH!!!

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