Day 1760: Popular

According to the popular and unpopular press this morning, the unpopular U.S. President is increasingly popular with a segment of the populace.

According to my “likes” on WordPress, I’m becoming less popular with the  blogging populace.

How important is popular?

Here’s a popular definition of “popular”:

1. liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.
“she was one of the most popular girls in the school”
synonyms: well liked, favored, sought-after, in demand, desired, wanted;
2. (of cultural activities or products) intended for or suited to the taste, understanding, or means of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals.
“the popular press”
synonyms: nonspecialist, nontechnical, amateur, lay person’s, general, middle-of-the-road

Which of my photos from yesterday will be most popular with my readers?







Our newly cleaned couch and  the refinished dining room table are very popular with the cats. I’m hoping  that tolerance (discussed in yesterday’s therapy group) becomes more popular with the populace.

Here and here are two songs about being popular (and unpopular).


Popular thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 1760: Popular

  1. Beautiful beauty, Ann 🙂

  2. Debbie Terman

    On the popularity of blogs: another friend of mine would say it’s not *you* who is becoming less popular. Instead it’s the whole notion of people sitting down and reading, even a short blog. People seem to want 10-second snippets telling them what they need to know. Gradually they choose to spend less and less time reading, for some growing subset of the population. (I don’t identify as part of that subset, though the time I spend focusing solely on printed books has gone way down. I “read” many books but mostly by listening, while I’m doing other things such as driving or house chores. I do cling tightly to my ritual of reading an actual print copy of the home-delivered daily newspaper while I eat breakfast.)

  3. Popularity is fleeting, Ann, but values such as friendship and loyalty are forever. Small and devoted is pretty darn terrific in the circles we run in.

  4. The funny thing about popularity is it can sometimes surprise you, even after you’ve been working toward it for years.

  5. Hmm, interesting. Your blog is definitely not less popular with me, although for reasons that have nothing to do with you (health reasons) I sometimes read a few days’ entries at once. I do click “like” less often than I used to everywhere on the internet, and that is because I am trying to reduce my internet footprint. Everything we do is tracked by someone, sometimes just to show us ads. I didn’t know that you even noticed the “likes” so I was training myself to stop clicking them, especially if commenting. Also, I have drawn a bit of heat from people I don’t know because of some (mild) advocacy I’ve been doing for trans rights and have been threatened with being doxxed, etc. Although I haven’t really figured out what to do with that, it does make me aware that when I casually “like” someone’s post I am potentially linking them to me, even if I am using a different email address. WordPressand Facebook pose a particular problem because they require login through an account. Sometimes now, even charitable donation sites or vacation rental sites want me to log in with FB, which means that I may be sort of linking other parts of my life and -your- life through free social media sites to, say, my past crazy blog posts or to a support site for menopausal women or to a donation that I’m making to someone’s legal defense. This gives me pause.

  6. Ann,
    Popularity does not guarantee success…productivity does.

  7. Interesting. I think the reads and likes ebb and flow. You’re popular with me!

  8. The more people who follow my blog, the more blogs I follow. Generally speaking, the shorter the posts, the more likely I am to read them. The exceptions, though, are ones like yours, where my mind gets a little work out, gets to ponder and think. Worthwhile is more important than popular!

  9. I think some of my poems are quite popular, and I think you’re quite popular, and I’m going to write to you to tell you how popular you are with me….”Dear Ann, I hope your heart is bathing itself in the soothing oils of your glorious soul”

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