Day 1637: I’ll buy that

Writing yesterday’s blog post inspired me to buy that ticket to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt perform at Boston’s Fenway Park in August. Even though I’ve said, “I’ll buy that!” about lots of concert tickets and many Bonnie Raitt albums and James Taylor CDs, I’ve never seen either of them in person. 

I can’t wait to see them.  Do you buy that?

Do you buy that my boyfriend Michael said, “I’ll buy that!” about one of the items  shown in these pictures?












What do you think Michael bought? Buy the way, I took something away from the yard sale, too.   If you buy into guessing what Michael bought and what I chose,  I’ll provide the answers, by and buy.

Because we recently said, “I’ll buy that!” to a home by the ocean,  we’ll be moving those two things and other things we’ve bought, very soon.

Do you buy that my ex-husband said this to me yesterday?

You’re scary when you’re angry.

I found that difficult to buy, because I never see myself as scary, even when I’m angry. Maybe that’s because I’m a 5’3″ 64-year-old woman without weapons. Do you buy that I LIKED being seen as scary by my ex, who is very big and strong? Do you buy that we both shook hands soon after he said that?

Do you buy that searching YouTube for “I’ll buy that” gets you some “Ocean Front Property” by George Strait?

Do you buy this Fenway Park performance by James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt from two years ago?

I’m now ready for the thing called  comments.

Are you ready to buy my gratitude? Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for buying it.

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35 thoughts on “Day 1637: I’ll buy that

  1. I hope Michael bought the unicycle. That would be cool. And let’s see… Ann adopted the piggy thingy.

    I buy it that your ex said what he did. My ex said the same thing about me. In my case, it wasn’t meant as a compliment, but there you go.

    • I DID adopt the piggy thingy. Well guessed, Maggie! Do you buy that the piggy thingy is a toothpick holder? The unicycle would have been very cool, but Michael didn’t buy it.

      By the way, my ex didn’t mean that as a compliment either; I just chose to see it that way. ❤

  2. Perhaps you were scary with your determination or truths. That sometimes scares people.

    I can’t narrow it down…but I suspect Michael bought something for cooking/kitchen. You took away something to occupy people’s fiddly hands (like one of the toys).

  3. I’d buy the notion that Michael purchased the potato photo and you went away with the Bubbies ice cream boat, non-scary Ann.

    I’ve seen JT and Bonnie in concert, though not on the same bill. I’m buying in that it will be a very special evening at Fenway.

    Karen and I went to see George Strait’s farewell tour stop in Buffalo, and it was a Best Buy!

  4. I can’t buy that you would buy just 1 thing each from the yard sale. I can’t buy that you havent mounted your own yard sale yet with your imminent move. I hope you buy into the fact we wish you well on your new venture. I havent got a clue what you two bought although the owls and the pig are a good bet. The suspence is killing me!

  5. Ahhhh…a good buy, post! Buy buy! (,, ・∀・)ノ゛

  6. You’ll love both live. I’ve seen each, multiple times, but not together. They were here back in May but we had other obligations that weekend. Together should be fantastic!

  7. I want to buy that Michael is a fellow southpaw and bought the “Lefty” bag, but mostly I’m buying that Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor together will be something to talk about and that they’ll be burning down the house.

    • I’m a lefty but that Lefty bag was not for sale. I would buy your comments, Chris, but fortunately for me, they’re free.

  8. I think one of you bought the toilet bowl mug, and the other bought the potato thing. I bet seeing Bonnie Raitt and JT together would have been quite the concert!!!
    How exciting – that you are moving to the ocean. Can I come with you?

  9. I love Bonnie Raitt!! Her voice is amazing…so lucky you’ll get to see her perform live! 😊

  10. JT and Bonnie Raitt. Wow. Good for you.

  11. I saw a few things I wouldn’t mind buying

  12. Bonnie Raitt is great in concert. Super energy. Enjoy! I hope someone bought the owls.

  13. I think you’d buy that woven duck basket Ann- or the book, or maybe both. I’d like to know the story behind your ex husband’s comment!

    • Michael bought the duck, Lisa, and I chose the wooden pig (which is a toothpick holder).

      Do you buy that the story behind my ex husband’s comment is a long one? My ex-husband — who lifts weights — gave Aaron a gift of free weights a couple of years ago and Aaron has never used them. Michael is very reluctant to take the weights to our new house because of that and because Aaron will only be staying with us during Christmas vacations and summers. The weight set takes up a lot of space and is very heavy. On Saturday, when my ex came by to pick up Aaron, we were talking about the move and about my little elliptical machine. My ex said that wasn’t fair that there was room for my elliptical and not for Aaron’s weights. I got angry and expressed it. We then discussed the problem and worked it out. My ex shared that he found my anger scary and I replied that I kind of liked the idea of somebody like me scaring a big guy like him. Then we shook hands. Do you buy all that?

  14. So pleased that you’ve bought that

  15. Wow, so much to comment on, but I’ll go with what dud Michael buy for you at the yard sale. And here I was thinking this was YOUR yard sale and you were selling or giving away all that stuff including Aaron’s old unicycle. I’d guess the Bubbie coffee mug, but you aren’t a Bubbie yet as far as I know. So Ill go with the little owl pillows.

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