Day 1578: Sharing complex information

Yesterday morning, I saw this on a white board at work:


I’ll be sharing this complex information with you, here and now:

  • I wasn’t at the meeting where “Sharing complex information” was discussed.
  • I wish I had been at that meeting, because sharing complex information is challenging, complex, and complicated.
  • I  am sharing complex information every day — at work, in this blog, and elsewhere.
  • I constantly observe other people sharing complex information, with varying degrees of comfort and effectiveness.
  • People at that meeting were sharing complex information including this:




In order to facilitate sharing of complex information in my therapy group, I erased the complex information on that white board.

For the rest of the day, I was sharing complex information.










I believe that sharing complex information is an issue for everyone, especially in 2017.

That complex-information-sharing website, YouTube, is sharing complex information herehere, and here.

Will you be sharing complex information in a comment, below?

Finally, I’m sharing this complex information: many thanks to all who helped me share this complex-information post and — of course! — to YOU, no matter what complex information you’re sharing today.

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24 thoughts on “Day 1578: Sharing complex information

  1. As an ophthalmic technician I will be sharing conplex i formation all day in the least complex way I can manage without reducing it to ridiculous levels of inaccuracy, as many ohysicians often do. Have a beautifully uncomplicated complex day today. 😊

  2. My goal is to be in a “no complexities” zone today as I think about the bands I saw play at CBGB’s in the 80’s and also look for my old, Living Color Albums. Vernon Reid was/is one of the guitarists I wanted to be like when I grew up. Still working on that.

  3. I’m going to go for a “keep it simple” day and outlook today Ann!

  4. A key to life indeed is the art of keeping the complex manageable enough for everyday use, Ann.

  5. The amazing thing about writing is that it seems simple and yet all words are really very complex, layered with both history and multiple meanings. The horseshoe crab, which looks plain on top but remarkably complex underneath, is a good metaphor for that–and metaphors are both simple and complex.

  6. Life can sometimes be so complex that we are left with the belief that we are here not by chance but by another’s choice.

  7. That horseshoe crab shell is very complex. They are so big and rather scary to me. I am very glad you write this blog every day, Ann! I didn’t have a chance to read it for about a week, with driving from Florida to PA with our dear kitty Daisy who travels like a total champ. Then it was going back in the office and seeing new people as well as familiar faces. I’m glad you are here!

  8. Oh no, terrible typos: for, and like

  9. My current obsession with national politics has swamped me with complex information, Ann. A good way to untie those knots is music and YouTube does offer some nice options! 😀

  10. When I was a child our mother took the complexity out of sharing by taking a tape measure and knife to a stick of rock.

  11. My head feels like a neverending math equation these days. Thanks for the reminder to keep it simple.

  12. I have been under the weather and missed a few days of your blog, even reading it. That is a first for me. Let me see if this log in information is right so that I can post a comment

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