Day 1583: Realizing who you are

Realizing who I am as a blogger, I’m sharing this teabag saying from yesterday:


I’m realizing I want happiness to come to me, so how can I realize who I am?

I am realizing  I am somebody who




Do you realize I usually take more pictures than that? I’m realizing I was distracted yesterday because I put a bid on another house. If you read this blog regularly, you’re realizing that I’m trying to realize my dream of living near the water.

Realizing I’m somebody who gets nervous about big decisions, I consulted two different online tarot-reading sites last night. Realizing that fortune telling is a cognitive distortion, I’m realizing I like pretending that tarot cards know the future.

Your answer is YES
The Hanged Man indicates a spiritual, emotional, or physical trial that has purifying effects. The troubles that you have experienced lately have given you a more peaceful and compassionate view of the world. You are able to feel for others around you and see the temporary nature of all things and events. Others will look to you for guidance and comfort, and your deep inner resources will not fail.


You may choose to buy that dream house or a wonderfully fulfilling relationship is on offer.


I’m realizing, again, that I  enjoy sharing music in this blog.

Realizing who you are as my readers, I hope you leave a comment below.

Realizing I’m somebody who likes to end with gratitude, many thanks to all who helped me realize the creation of this post and — of course! — to YOU.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1583: Realizing who you are

  1. I am realizing that coming here every morning is a good way to awaken my curiosity, courage and desire to create better in the world around me!

    Hope your offer gets accepted — it’s all in the cares. 🙂

  2. Good luck with your bid!

  3. Machiavelli said, “Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.” I think that applies to ourselves as well: very few of us see ourselves as we really are. It’s good that The Hanged Man showed up in your Tarot reading. That card has been explained to me as meaning taking a different perspective on things–a sign, maybe, that you’ll soon have a new view.

  4. I am SOOOO jealous! I want to go to an outdoor steampunk festival!

  5. And positive juju headed your way on the new digs! I would adore living by the water myself.

    • Thanks for the positive juju, Janey! Our offer was accepted, so we may be living by the water very soon.

  6. I realize I’m someone who enjoys reading your posts. I’ve been on the road a few days and just now catching up. Good luck finding that place near the water!

    • I realize that I really appreciate that we’ve met on WordPress. Thanks for the good luck and we may have found our place near the water!

  7. Took me a while to realise that I am the best person I know how to be and that I am loved by my family and liked by others

  8. I love the realization that the answer is usually yes … especially when we listen from our heart. Good luck with the offer Ann ❣

  9. I think the tarot cards certainly represented what I see in you. I admire your openness, Ann, and I’m eager to see you find your home on the water!

  10. You’re a peach, Ann Koplow, a treat to have in my life.

  11. I’ll probably realise one day

  12. I realize that after a visit with you I always feel better.

  13. Dear Ann, our dear Ann, may you get the house of your beachy dreams, and soon!

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