Day 1467: Why should anybody care about me?

Yesterday, I heard somebody ask

Why should anybody care about me?

I then witnessed several people caring enough to try to answer that question.

Have you ever asked

Why should anybody care about me?

I have, many years ago.

When people ask

Why should anybody care about me?

they are also asking “Why should I care about myself?” and “Why should anybody care about me when people who should have cared about me didn’t?”

Why should anybody care about my photos from yesterday?








Why should anybody care about my blog?  Whatever the reason,  I’m so grateful you care, it makes me want to sing this song.


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36 thoughts on “Day 1467: Why should anybody care about me?

  1. thanks for the morning pick me up Ann! Such an upbeat song- haven’t heard it in so long. Thanks for always caring!

  2. Well, I like ’em. 😀

  3. I love your blog

  4. It may seem as if I don’t care about your posts as I am rarely here these days -but I do! All I can do now is pop my head round the doorways of blogs now and then to say hi before coming back to the demands of the world around me at my parents’ house. Being a carer for the elderly is hard work!!!!!

  5. Hi Ann, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but up until now I’ve never commented because I’m a pretty quiet person. I thought about commenting a few days ago, but thought “why would she care about my problems?” But with your topic today I thought I’d reach out. My parents and brother who live across the country from me had a devastating fire at their house 2 days after Christmas. My dad was using an electric blanket and woke up a couple hours later to the end of the bed on fire. Within 3 minutes the fire was fully involved. Everyone made it out relatively unharmed, but the house suffered severe damage from fire, water and smoke. It’s currently uninhabitable. They do have insurance, but the house is a very old house and rebuilding and replacing things lost in the fire is going to be very costly. I set up an online donation fund for them to help with those costs and I was wondering if you could share the link to it with your friends and family on social media? I’d really appreciate it.
    (I’ll understand if you delete this comment. I’m just desperate to get my parents all the help that I can.)

  6. I care that you care, Ann, which makes a lovely caring environment. I LOVE your teabags and the one this morn that says “Forgiveness is an act of consciousness”. Hmmmm …. yes it is. Hope your day is wonderfully caring and gentle to you. (((HUGS))) ❤

  7. “why should anybody care about me when people who should have cared about me didn’t?” That’s a powerful question, and the beginning of a lifetime of self-doubt for so many. Good on you to care so much, Ann.

  8. Cause you have such interesting photographs…and topics….and because you seem like a nice person and because you care about all of us.

  9. The question should be, “Does someone care about you?” If the answer is “Yes” then “Why?” doesn’t matter.
    Why do I care about the bowl of antidotes? I’m not sure. To dote upon someone is to show you care, but “anti” means “against”. So I went to the dictionary and found it derives from the Greek, “that which is given against”.
    Curious, isn’t it? Both to dote and to give an antidote are ways of showing you care.

  10. We can care about others, that is in our power. I care about you.

  11. PS. Love the song!

  12. You have a large heart that reaches out and reaches in–something no one demonstrated to me quite the way you do. It doesn’t matter how often I visit. You’re always there with a piece of your life to offer for thoughtful consideration. You also show me how to respond to the not so necessary challenges of life.

  13. I care about the photos, I care about a lot of shit, just not the shit that comes out of our bodies that shit is gross, just saying. I care about people, people care about me, self pity is pointless

  14. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it.”- Viktor E. Frankl

  15. I always care. I’m often told I care too much. I’m not sure that is possible, but I get it.
    You’re photos always make me smile and think, which is worth caring about.

  16. One would need not ask the question if one was caring about others.

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