Day 1152: Votes

Four days from today, my home state of Massachusetts, USA, will be casting votes in a presidential primary.

I vote to tell you today that those votes on Tuesday will include the votes of:

  • my boyfriend Michael,
  • my son Aaron, who votes on Tuesday for the first time ever since turning the voting age of 18 three days ago, and
  • me.

In the spirit of all these votes, I shall now ask my readers to cast votes for two Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally ballot questions.

Ballot question #1:  Which is your favorite photo?















Ballot question #2:  Should Ann reintroduce music into her daily blog posts?

The voting choices are as follows:

  1. Ann should include music in every post.
  2. Ann should continue leaving music out of her blog posts.
  3. Ann should include music daily unless doing so would make her late or otherwise inconvenienced.
  4. _________________________ (write-in vote).

Please vote on both ballot questions with your comments, below.

Finally, I vote to

  • end this post and
  • express thanks to you for voting “Yes” about this blog with your visit, here and now.
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55 thoughts on “Day 1152: Votes

  1. The Kit-Kat photo would be my favorite and how about music, when the mood strikes you?

  2. I’m drawn to the chocolate rabbits, actually their ears. As for music in your post, if you’re feeling add it, if not, leave it out. Everything in moderation…especially chocolate rabbit ears.

  3. Chocolate Bunny

  4. 1. Vegies and hummus. Because it’s made fresh every day.
    2. Include HER music (meaning she is singing!)

  5. Number 3!

  6. Here are my carefully considered and thoughtful votes:
    1. My favorite picture is of Oscar and the sock. Anything with Oscar gets my vote but groovy socks, especially ones that say “cats” also get my vote.
    2. (1) Please include music but only whenever the mood strikes you.

    That last reflects the fact that I’m never sure if I’m indecisive or not.

  7. I vote for the fun socks! And music when you have time and feel like it.

  8. I vote for Oscar on a chair looking at sock — Oscar: I am a cat. You are a sock. End of story.

    And I vote for music when the mood hits you (which I hope will be every day) and time permits (’cause I don’t want you to be late!)

  9. I vote for Ann including music is she deems appropriate. I do enjoy it (occasionally, when my internet functions well).
    I also vote for cat photos every time.

  10. #1.I vote for the two feet in cat socks because I like to think of all the places those feet will go in those interesting socks. Of course, I also like the one of one foot and Oscar, because that shows us one place they went.

    #2: I vote for a song only if you feel very moved to share it with us or it inspired your post and if you have time. I feel a little stressed when I worry that writing your blog has held you up. Also, sometimes I read your blog on the bus or parts of my house where there is no WiFi; videos are data hungry and slow to load, so I prefer to load songs that mean a lot to you that day. But I do like to listen to your songs, especially the ones you sing or love.

  11. Marcia Dubreuil

    Brilliant device, Ann. People love to vote on things, though they rarely want to take responsibility for the consequences!
    I vote (always) for the socks, although the Empire State Building (from Bryant Park?) is also grand.
    As for music, include it when the spirit moves you. You are my hero, by the way.

  12. Up in the sky, look: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Grumpy! Vote for Grumpy!

  13. I vote for the building. Is that the Dakota? I say no music.

  14. This was a tough choice but I’m voting for Oscar and your foot Ann. So much cuter than Donald Trump’s orange face and bizarre hair. And I also vote for you to continue including music in your posts. 🙂

  15. Carol Ferenc

    Casting my ballot: 1) Oscar and the sock. 2) Music or not, your blog gets my vote, Ann.

  16. Happy birthday to your son!!

    Favorite photo is definitely the M&M cake, lol. And the kitty-socks. 😀

    Happy weekend!

  17. My vote os for the cat socks and the m&m cake!!
    1 would also vote for #3. Make it easy on yourself Ann.
    You’ll get my vote either way!

  18. Photo #2 – Donald and ethnic food… a bit of an oxymoron.

  19. I was totally going for the socks, then I saw the picture of the cat WITH the socks. Definitely my favourite. Music seems like a great idea, but I read these posts on my work break, so I would have to mute it anyway:-(

  20. Cat and socked foot together!! As for music, you should include it whenever you feel like it.

  21. My first vote goes to the picture of cat diet in the refrigerator. My second vote is to have music when you feel like it.

  22. 1. The first pair of socks; 2. I don’t need the music

  23. The hunt is over

  24. LOL those Trump expressions are hilarious!

  25. What is that building with all the windows and the little bit of green roof? Looks like it may have been built in the very early 1900s? Does it hold special meaning to you?

    • The special meaning it held was this: I saw it on my way out of special NYC and liked the special composition with the Empire State Building behind it. I guess each moment can feel specially meaningful to me, and I never know what will resonate with others. Thanks for asking!

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