Day 1153: More Votes

During this U.S. Presidential primary season, I have voted for a two-day getaway to New Hampshire with my long-time friend Barbara, to end my winter vacation. 

Would my readers vote to know how else I might  vote? 

Yesterday, I told Barbara I would also vote for:

  1. Acceptance instead of shame. 
  2. Peace of mind instead of worry. 
  3. Sleep over insomnia. 
  4. Fruits and vegetables over sugary snacks. 
  5. Positivity over negativity. 
  6. Traveling light over being weighed down by things I don’t need. 
  7. Self-care instead of self-neglect.
  8. Forgiveness over resentment. 
  9. Moving on from mistakes rather than obsessing over them. 
  10. Openness to change rather than rigidity.
  11. Seeking the good in others instead of expecting the bad.
  12. Enjoying the gifts around me instead of focusing on what’s missing. 
  13. Gratitude over ingratitude. 
  14. The present moment over everything else. 

I also cast a few photographic votes with my iPhone yesterday (most of which are from Barbara’s beautiful coloring book):


In response to my “Votes” post from yesterday, my readers voted for me to include music in this blog if I choose.  

Now I’m realizing I’ve never told you — after all the votes were in — which song I sang for 45 seconds at my audition for “The Voice” last weekend. 

In the moment of judgment, I voted for “Soothe” by Todd Rundgren. 

Why did I vote for “Soothe” over “Mad World”?

I voted for “Soothe” because it meant so much to me to sing that soothing song in a room filled with strangers. 

And, whenever possible, I vote with my head AND my heart. 

How do you vote?

As always, I choose gratitude for your voting to read this blog today. 

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37 thoughts on “Day 1153: More Votes

  1. I love love love your list! Fabulous! Like you.

  2. Gratitude is the best choice always.
    Soothing music. Have a good weekend. I’m in a Philadrlphia hotel, knitting, catching up on blogs and grateful the sun is out.

  3. Well done Ann. I try to vote with my head, but my heart interferes

  4. Hmm, for some reason my vote goes to “Mad World” song 🙂

  5. I vote for you in my life! Amazing blog. In fact, I think I’ ll reblog you right now! (or at least when I get on a real computer…)

  6. I vote for Soothe. Life is hard enough.

  7. A vote for all of the above would be too easy, but sometimes it’s okay to go the easy route. And just as easy is adding an additional vote. Since you’re going to New Hampshire I vote for the poetry of Jane Kenyon who lived in New Hampshire with her husband Donald Hall, also a poet. He served as both Poet Laureate of the United States and New Hampshire which should count as a vote in his favor.

  8. I still like “Mad World”. That video fascinates me. How did they do that?
    Have a good time in New Hampshire.
    Today I vote NOT to do any laundry, and I think I will garden instead!!!!!

  9. Reblogged this on Humoring the Goddess and commented:
    A positive attitude might not cure the ills of the world, but it will do a lot to soften yours. A bright and positive blog from my friend Ann.

    Happy Saturday!

  10. I’d vote for more than a few of them. Also love the quotes and the pictures. Enjoy New Hampshire.

  11. Soothe seems to suit you perfectly, Ann. I’m glad that in the moment when you needed a song, it was there for you.

    Did anybody accompany you or did you have to sing it without music? How did it feel to be singing? Did you sing to all the hopefuls? Or to a few judges?

    Do you feel that the audition has changed you? Given something? Taken?

    Your path to the audition gave me a lot, inspiration most of all.

    And now, for your photos:
    That fork may be missing some tines but it still gets its point across… 🙂

    • I vote for your questions, Maureen. Here are the answers:
      I had to sing 45 seconds of a song without music. If I had gotten a “red card” call back, I’d need to sing three songs with accompaniment.
      It felt weird and great to be singing.
      There was one person with a laptop who was making the decisions about 10 hopefuls at a time.
      I think the audition has changed me and given me more confidence and inspiration to do more singing.
      That fork may be missing some tines but you never miss, every time.

      • One person with a laptop making decisions about ten people at a time? That sounds a little less personal than one hopeful applicant singing to three people in the front row of a theatre, which is how I’d pictured it.

        Good for you, though.

  12. I choose growth over comfort.
    I vote for you Ann!

  13. Ann,
    Choosing to vote with your head and heart is the well balanced common sense approach. Another way to say the same is truth and compassion. One without the other leads truth to cruelty and compassion to sentimentality. Which results in the chaotic world in which we live.
    If only all used common sense; as Louis Armstrong sang: “Oh, what a wonderful world.”

  14. beautiful coloring images! Enjoy New Hampshire and keep that positive attitude Ann

  15. I vote for common sense to be reinstated.

    And for you.

  16. Carol Ferenc

    No matter what the vote, you’re a winner, Ann!

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