Day 1034: Pleasant/Unpleasant

In honor of Halloween today, it might be pleasant to imagine this post being read by Donald Pleasance (the psychiatrist in Halloween, a movie I have not seen because I know it’s unpleasant).

If you are presently pleasantly or unpleasantly unaware of Donald Pleasance, here‘s “the last aperrience” (do you find misspellings unpleasant?) of Donald Pleasance in a Halloween film:

Yesterday, while I was pleasantly walking in unseasonably pleasant New England weather, I heard some music with many pleasant memories.

I find music like “The Pleasant Pheasant” — with Billy Cobham on drums, Michael Brecker on saxophone, Randy Brecker on trumpet, George Duke on keyboards, John Abercrombie on guitar,  Will Lee on bass,  and Garnett Brown on trombone — exceedingly pleasant. My pleasant boyfriend, MIchael, thinks jazz fusion is quite unpleasant. He finds the Ramones, Joy Division, and the Clash (who have a particularly unpleasant name) very pleasant, instead.

Michael and I met five years ago on a pleasant Halloween in pleasant Harvard Square. Here are some pleasant words we exchanged — through the pleasant online dating site OkCupid — right before that extraordinarily pleasant day:

Me: Sure, meeting at Peet’s is a fine suggestion. You know it’s going to be Halloween when we meet up, right? Do you think we should be in costume? My suggestion is that we both wear masks that are made from printouts from a picture we’ve posted here. That way, we’ll be sure to recognize each other. Otherwise, I might not recognize you unless you have the same exact expression you have in your black and white picture here. In the other picture you posted, you’re too far away, so I don’t think that will provide me much help in spotting you. Although maybe it will when you’re far away. I hope you have a wonderful evening, night, morning, and whatever parts of the day you experience before we write again.

Michael: I’ll keep this relatively short today Ann, so we have a lot to babble about tomorrow. Excellent suggestion concerning the cut out masks incidentally. I cracked up. Ah, I don’t really know what you mean by “black and white” picture though, Ann. I really am that pasty. So is my apartment. I’m afraid I let my hair get kind of long but you’ll know me sure enough. I will be the man with, by far, the scrawniest legs in the cafe.

Me: Speaking of cracking up, I did the same when I read your black and white picture comment. You really are pretty hilarious.  SInce you have given me some helpful hyperboles and superlatives regarding how to identify you (e.g., “the scrawniest”), I’m trying to be thoughtful that way and come up with something similar which will, without fear of contradiction, identify me as being the most of something in the vicinity. But I’m having some trouble with this. I just don’t think I’m that much of a stand-out, either way. The best I can come up with now is that I will be the person with the most curious expression on his or her face standing outside of Peet’s. By “curious” I don’t mean “odd” (as in “curiouser and curiouser” in Alice in Wonderland), but rather “curious” as in “eager to find out.”

It’s pleasant for me to remember that day, five years ago, when Michael and I met, although I went to another pleasant coffee house first, by mistake, and had to rush to get to Peet’s on time, which I found very unpleasant.  When Michael and I share pleasant memories about our first pleasant meeting, he tells me that I had a rather unpleasant expression my face when he first saw me. That’s because I find it unpleasant to be late (especially for something I expect to be surpassingly pleasant).

Here are some pictures I took yesterday. It would be most pleasant if you let me know which ones you find particularly pleasant or unpleasant.

IMG_6389 IMG_6390 IMG_6391IMG_6392 IMG_6393 IMG_6394 IMG_6395 IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6398 IMG_6401 IMG_6403 IMG_6405

Those last two pictures I took during a pleasant stroll with Michael on Pleasant Street. Honest.

Pleasant thanks to Michael, Donald Pleasance, Billy Cobham, the Brecker brothers, George Duke, Will Lee, John Abercrombie, Garnett Brown, and pleasant people who helped me write this post, Especially pleasant thanks to you — of course! — for being here, in the pleasant present.

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32 thoughts on “Day 1034: Pleasant/Unpleasant

  1. Hmm, I spotted few places you used capital letter for the second letter in the name/word (e.g. MIchael). Is that intentional to be unpleasant? 🙂

    The exchanges are sweetly pleasant! Happy Halloween.

    • That mistake comes from my typing unpleasantly fast. I find it exceedingly pleasant that you are the first pleasant person to comment here!

  2. Everything here is pleasant except perhaps a tinge of sadness at the passing of Donald Pleasance who added gravitas to many horror films–including some pretty unpleasant ones. That’s all countered by the reference to The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”, a sad song that nevertheless makes me happy. As does “The Pleasant Pheasant” which makes me feel like the cock of the walk. And it’s wonderful that from your first exchange you and Michael were–well, I could say two peas in a pod, but since you met on Halloween I think you were two pumpkins in a patch.

    • Because of your pleasant interest in Donald Pleasance, Chris, I read the Wikipedia page about him and discovered some unpleasant/pleasant synchronicity between him and me. He died on my birthday (February 2) from complications after heart valve surgery replacement — the unpleasant medical procedure I almost had earlier this year but was pleased to avoid.

      And in case I haven’t made it pleasantly clear before this Halloween day, I consistently find your presence on WordPress extremely pleasant.

  3. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I had forgotten I have been searching for a television programme in which Pleasance had a mutually acerbic relationship with his butler, ever since I watched it with my eldest son. Now you’ve set me off again. How very unpleasant 🙂

  4. Congratulations to you and Michael on your years together. I’m glad you found each other. What a treat, that you shared some of how you found each other.

    • I’m pleasantly glad Michael and I found each other, Maureen, and I’m glad that pleasant you and I found each other, too.

  5. I didn’t realize your and Michael had et each other in such a pleasant way. So glad for your Mateo that your took the chance.

  6. Last line is supposed to start like this: So glad for you two…. My iPad does the oddest self correcting!

  7. I’d like to think that I’d been that opportunist who just drank the damn water !! Congrats on your years of pleasance with each other, Ann.

  8. A pleasantly pleasant post, Ann, with some extremely pleasant photos and a more than pleasant dialogue on a pleasant Halloween (despite approaching the curiouser and curiouser variety at times). How pleasant that you managed to recognise each other and stay together.

  9. Haha you added lovely pictures and fun! Have a great Halloween!

  10. It’s amazing how the online dating services work Ann, more interesting than what I thought. “Pleasant and unpleasant” are words I hear a lot in the Audio Dharma podcast. They are two extremes to avoid in general.

  11. I am so weird, I don’t know if its pleasant or unpleasant, but your first picture with the tape made me think of police tape, which is the same thing I thought of when I went to my local cell phone dealer where they had Happy Halloween tape along the counter. I think I have been watching too many British detective shows lately. Have a pleasantly scary Halloween.

  12. I had some very pleasant laughs today from your post, beginning with avoiding unpleasant films!!! And the poor socks! Undoubtedly their partners were clinging to the top of the dryer cylinder…

  13. “it’s Boo! licious” – the picture is so Pleasant to me. Makes me laugh 🙂

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  15. Hi Ann!!! Michael sounds like a really interesting guy. I bet you guys have fascinating conversations and both of you seem to have the innate ability to participate in persiflage.
    I too, have a tendency to capitalize my second letter at the start of a sentence, but I blame it on piano lessons (holding down the first note, etc). Have you been taking piano lessons?
    Have a most pleasant day, filled with only pleasantness and no unpleasantness!!!!

    • It’s very pleasant to learn a new interesting new word like “persiflage,” SD! It’s also extremely pleasant to read about piano playing and capitalizing, since I’ve been playing piano since I was quite young. What a pleasant new explanation for my behavior! Thank you, most pleasantly, for all the pleasant thoughts in your comment.

  16. What a fantastic take on Halloween. I liked my Line(s) of the Day for it, but it wasn’t as original as yours. That sock cartoon haha.

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