Day 3377: Heaven

Heaven, for me, would include

  • people I love,
  • animals I love,
  • music,
  • beautiful scenery,
  • peace,
  • no pain,
  • no injustice,
  • unlimited pasta, and
  • no waiting.

I’m including “no waiting” on that list because I’m currently waiting for four important people to get back to me. In the meantime, I’m trying to create my own heaven on earth by letting go of any anxiety about outcomes as I wait.

Do you see heaven in my images for today?

I assume that somebody’s idea of heaven includes clams on the half shell and/or taters.

Here’s a song about heaven from John Prine.

I have to finish this blog post now because I have an 8 AM appointment with my dentist. Heaven, for me, would include no dental work but lots of people like Dr. Del Castillo.

Thanks to all who help make this place a heaven on earth for me, including YOU.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3377: Heaven

  1. The chances I had to see John Prine perform in person certainly had me feeling heavenly, Ann.

  2. Luis

    It was Heaven for me here today seeing you!

  3. Tell me there’s pussy cats in heaven too, otherwise I’m not going!

  4. I agree that the world needs more Dr Del Castillos

  5. Hanging with Joan would be heavenly, and just a few days ago I reminded a friend of the old joke that Heaven is where the police are British, the lovers are French, the engineers are German, and the cooks are Italian, and Hell is where the police are Italian, the engineers are French, the cooks are British, and the lovers are German.

  6. everything in your post today is a little bit of heaven

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