Day 3376: Assumptions

I’m assuming I’ve written about assumptions before. That’s because so many people assume and if you’ve heard the joke about people who assume and asses and you and me, you could assume that assumptions can get us into trouble.

Do you have any assumptions about why I’m writing about this today?

Somebody posted that on Twitter yesterday and I assume this is relevant, here and now, because assumptions are everywhere. I assume that if I look at the news, I’ll find assumptions wreaking havoc all around the world.

Now I’m checking my assumption that there are some great quotes about assumptions.


Do you have any assumptions about the rest of my images for today?

I have no assumptions about why March 30 is such an action-packed National Day. My assumption is that I could take a walk in the park on National Virtual Vacation Day because I’m working virtually from home and I’m off on Wednesday afternoons. However, because assumptions often don’t come true (which I assume you’ve gleaned from this post), I may not be in control on National I Am in Control Day.

If you looked at all of my images above, I assume that this song might be going through your head:

I don’t have any assumptions about what kinds of comments I’m going to get about this “assumptions” post.

Regular readers of this blog probably have assumptions about my ending this post with gratitude, and they’re right!

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11 thoughts on “Day 3376: Assumptions

  1. That’s a very entertaining and witty things in your blog post today, Ann. I hope you have a really good day.

    • You can safely assume that my day is better whenever you’re in it, Maureen!

      • If you ever wonder why my responses are full of odd word choices and grammatical inconsistencies, it is because I use Google word recognition to dictate them. My vision isn’t that great. Sometimes Google gets it right. Frequently it gets it a little bit wrong but I don’t know this. And other times it gets it right but then suddenly switches it just when I’m finished the sentence and I don’t know until it’s posted. I don’t seem to have any way to edit my responses so I just leave them.

      • I assume that all your comments, no matter what the circumstances, are wonderful.

  2. I assume that you are always this funny! and Moira is my hero.

  3. I won’t assume that somebody named Vince the Sign Guy might be prone to making a lot of assumptions, Ann … though it makes me smile to think it!

  4. I assume you had lots of fun putting this post together because I had a lot of fun reading it!

  5. Assume I know nothing. That is often the case!

  6. I don’t think we could get through life without making some assumptions, but we must choose our assumptions wisely.

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