Day 3271: How to wake up without dread

This morning I woke up without dread, and I don’t dread telling you that I’m not sure how that happened. After so many dreadful and dread-filled times, dread was not there today when I opened my eyes.

Even though I can’t really explain in this blog post how to wake up without dread, I can speculate why this happened this morning. Perhaps it’s because:

  • I’m reading “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach,
  • I’m realizing AGAIN that dread, worry, guilt, and shame do not help,
  • I feel ready for the Open Mic on Friday because I figured out how to play a favorite Sondheim song on the ukulele,
  • I listened to my year-end round-up of music on Spotify and music always helps,
  • I connected with so many wonderful people on-line and in person yesterday and wonderful people always help,
  • I went outside for several walks and walking outside always helps,
  • I expressed vulnerability,
  • I reached out for help and support,
  • my subconscious is finally figuring out, after almost 69 years on this planet, that I have so many blessings, here and now.

Do you see any tips on how to wake up without dread in my images for today?

Actually, now that I’m looking at that Daily Bitch Calendar, dread is creeping back in.

I let go of dread many times this year by listening to “Don’t Break the Rules” from the Broadway musical Catch Me If You Can.

These lyrics help me let go of dread:

I guess the constitution, boys, to some is too complex.

They think our founding fathers fought so they could forge some checks.

Perhaps I can wake up without dread if I believe that justice is coming someday.

Gratitude definitely helps me wake up without dread, so thanks to all who are visiting here at some point after waking up, including you!

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16 thoughts on “Day 3271: How to wake up without dread

  1. Debbie T

    I found your Spotify statistics very interesting. I’m trying to decide what it means that you were in the top 4% of Beatles listeners this year. That seems to make you a member of a very exclusive club! Or maybe because of demographics, the intersection of people who have grown up listening to the Beatles and also using Spotify is small, so 4% isn’t actually very many people? Also I don’t think I could name 37 musical genres. Impressive.

  2. puella33

    Wow, i never realized that oxymoron.. I wonder how it got its name. The picture with Santa on the roof- top is comforting because it shows we all have a child in our hearts.

  3. It occurs to me that stressed backwards is desserts and they are a good reason to wake every morning without dread, an anagram of which is dared. I dared to resolve not to wake up with dread ever again.

  4. Ooooh, I’m feeling pedantic. Civil, while it means polite, also refers to the citizenry of a country. Hence a civil war is citizenry fighting each other. I would wake up with all kinds of dread in a civil war…

  5. You were in the top 4% of Beatles listeners! Since probably billions of people listen to them, that is impressive! Especially as you have the same number of hours in the day as the rest of us. (I would have incorrectly guessed that Pat Metheny would top your list.)

    I’m so glad to hear that you woke up without dread and I hope you wake up without dread again tomorrow. Maybe dread is something that we age out of, like acne.

  6. I wake up early and excited for the day (on most days, at least). for some reason, I have maintained that childhood approach to waking, and not sure why.

  7. This is a great roadmap, Ann. I have been more edgy than usual lately and that has not been good for me. Dread does have something to do with it, yes.

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