Day 2949: Messages to friends

Last night, my friends, as the friendly skies sent down messages of snowflakes, I heard “Message to My Friend” from friendly Pat Metheny and John Scofield.

Here is “Message to a Friend” from friends Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden:

Yesterday, in therapy, there were many messages to friends, including “I’m glad you showed up exactly the way you did,” “the pain of a loss is in direct proportion to the importance of the relationship,” “all your feelings are welcome,” “it’s never what you expect,” “all change is anxiety-provoking, even good changes, and especially changes we didn’t choose,” “there’s a huge difference between worry and planning,” “congratulations for not going completely bonkers,” and “what you’re doing is good enough AND you can make it better.”

Today, because of friendly messages I got from the hospital where I work, I’m getting my first vaccine for the coronavirus.

Here are more messages to friends:

I appreciate timely messages from my friend and yours, The Daily Bitch.

Feel free to leave messages to friends in the comments section, below.

All my messages to friends include gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these daily messages to friends, including YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 2949: Messages to friends

  1. Got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot yesterday myself. Happily, I have nothing more than a slight soreness where I got it to remind me.

  2. We’ve gotten the message to not forget that it’s winter with snow the past few days, Ann.

  3. I think, with cat in charge at The White House, the world will be a better place!

  4. puella33

    Ann, I love your winter pictures. How did you feel when you got vaccinated?

  5. There’s something fishy about Harley’s mat, but, almost as important–obviously nothing’s more important than a cat–your pictures reminded me of this Philip Larkin poem, a message to a friend:

    Morning at last: there in the snow
    Your small blunt footprints come and go.
    Night has left no more to show,

    Not the candle, the half-drunk wine,
    Or touching joy; only this sign
    Of your life walking into mine.

    But when they vanish with the rain
    What morning woke to will remain
    Whether as happiness or pain.

  6. Wait until they hear about sir Harley, Nobel laureate.

  7. glad you are going for your first shot, and give. Harley the message that if he didn’t already have a gig I’m sure he would have been the White House cat –

  8. I listen to Pat Metheny a lot, Ann, and always think of you. I suppose that music is a good way for friends to share messages. 🙂

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