Day 2948: What people are feeling

Because I’m a psychotherapist, I focus on what people are feeling. These days, people are feeling a lot of different feelings.

Some people are feeling better.


Some people are feeling overwhelmed.


Some people are feeling theoretical.


Some people are feeling joyful.


Some people are feeling scared.


Some people are feeling the Bern.


Some people are feeling minor losses.


Many people are feeling major losses.

Some people are feeling nostalgic for the past.


Some people are feeling inquisitive and playful.


Some people are feeling bananas.


Some people are feeling hungry.


Some people are feeling happy.

I live with heart and my heart tells me that all people’s feelings are okay, even the ones we judge and sometimes disown, like anger, fear, and sadness.

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “How People are Feeling.”

As I often ask in my therapy groups, “What are people feeling?”

As usual, I am feeling gratitude, so thanks to all the people with feelings who helped me create today’s post, including YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 2948: What people are feeling

  1. The answer to why bananas ripen so quickly. Ethylene!
    Am I allowed to feel smug because I knew that already?

  2. You did catch so many kind of feelings here, Ann 😀
    I might be able to help you with some new earrings, if you like this.

  3. puella33

    I like that picture of you in Key West, Ann. Hope you find your earing

  4. Yes, much better! I’ve been sleeping longer as well, though the Trump terror is still to be put to bed.

  5. i feel so much better not worrying about what crazy trump action i’d wake up to and i feel about our future. bernie is the gift that keeps on giving, he just can’t help himself. p.s. i love, love, love blue cheese and hate beets. just for the record and i feel good about it.

  6. What I’m feeling is curious. Do you not like blue cheese or do you not like beets? And what does it say about me that I like both but not together? Did you find your earring? How will climate change and rising sea levels affect Key West? Why don’t they have any bananas today?
    All this curiosity is giving me an ’80’s flashback.

    • I appreciate all your feelings, Chris. I do not like beets and our mutual dislike of beets was the first communication between Michael and me, which is giving me an unbeetable flashback.

  7. Everyone feels much better after seeing Michael’s dish.

  8. While I’m definitely feeling better since the Biden-Harris team took over, I am still struggling with a COVID-induced malaise. I listened to a program on NPR yesterday where a psychologist characterized the mood of many as ‘collective demoralization.” Seems about right. That said, there’s much to feel good about in this post. ☺️ And for the record, I love beets *and* blue cheese.

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