Day 2568: Creepy Photo!

It’s creepy how a headline like “Creepy Photo!” can make us look at a tabloid  like The National Enquirer.


I saw that  creepy photo at the supermarket last night, after exchanging goodbyes with my son’s girlfriend Widad  and my son Aaron.

Do any of these other images, captured on a creepily warm and unseasonable winter’s day and night,  make you say, “Creepy Photo!”?


It’s not creepy to enlarge any of those photos to see which ones you think are creepy.

Moments after I took that last creepy photo of a vacuum cleaner on a dark and windy night under the wolf moon, I saw an animal walking by us which didn’t look particularly creepy to me. My husband Michael, who seemed creeped out, said quietly, “It’s a coyote.”   Michael thought it would be creepy if I tried to take a creepy photo of it, so we kept walking.  The coyote changed direction, which Michael thought was very creepy.  Seconds later, we noticed four other coyotes creeping down a hill to join the first one.  Michael told me to keep walking without looking at the creepy pack. When we saw somebody further down the street walking a small dog, we told him about the creepy group of  five coyotes we had passed. He said, “I guess they’re out enjoying this warm weather just like us. This little guy would make a nice snack for them” and he kept walking,  which some people might have found creepy.

It would be creepy if YouTube had something called “Creepy Photo!”

If you want to see more creepy photos, there are dozens of Creepy Photo videos on YouTube.

No more creepy photos here, just thanks to all who helped me create this “Creepy Photo!” post and to all who are reading it, including YOU!





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25 thoughts on “Day 2568: Creepy Photo!

  1. Wow, creepy all over the place, but lots of good all around it and that is much more powerful

  2. I would stay away from the coyotes for sure, Ann. They could creep up on you and then wham!

  3. That white house looked creepy to me. But creepier were the coyotes. Five of them will hunt a person together and it’s worrisome that they’re out trotting around in packs and people aren’t a bit warier…

  4. Coyotes in packs is not good, especially if they’re hungry. Creepy is the guy with the little dog who ignored your warning.

  5. I think I’ll just creep away to bed!

  6. Whenever I pick up a copy of The New Yorker I turn right to the “Shouts & Murmurs” where I sometimes find Jack Handey. I know people who find his thoughts creepy but he usually makes me laugh. There’s a lot here too that others might find creepy, like the vacuum cleaner, that I find funny. I think horror and humor are closely linked, which makes some people think I’m creepy, which makes me laugh.

  7. puella33

    That poster hanging in red about ED, etc, is creepy. Was that at the airport? Enjoy the rest of the week-end, Ann 🙂

  8. Those YouTube photos are SO creepy!!

  9. The only creepy in your post is the last with the man and the little dog. Poor dog to have such an owner.

  10. Creepy to some, interesting to others, just saying

  11. In your hands, creepy is so creative!

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