Day 2561: Fabulous people

Even though I’ve met so many fabulous people in my life (and please see every one of my previous blog posts for fabulous proof of this), I’ve never written a post with the title “Fabulous people” before.

Why that fabulous title on this fabulous day?

Last night, I met a fabulous person at a fabulous The Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties-themed birthday party planned by my fabulous niece Laura for her fabulous daughter, Victoria. I told that fabulous person  that my blog featured fabulous people and that “Fabulous people” would probably be the name of today’s post.

Here’s that fabulous person, pictured with fabulous host Laura and then with her  fabulous husband:



She told me that she thought that “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally” was a fabulous name for a blog. It would be so fabulous if she reads this!

Another fabulous person in today’s blog is Widad, who is my fabulous son Aaron’s fabulous girlfriend and who is also a fabulous artist.






Also pictured above is my long-time, fabulous friend Ada. She and her fabulous husband Johnny brought over a fabulous wedding cake for me and my fabulous husband Michael yesterday.

Johnny, who did not want his picture taken, kept telling me that he thought my hair looked fabulous.

I’ve got more fabulous fotos of fabulous people from yesterday. Are you ready, my fabulous readers?

My fabulous niece Laura made the fabulous food in the foto directly above.  And doesn’t fabulous birthday girl Victoria ….


… look FABULOUS?!!

Last night, I kept asking people where they got their fabulous outfits and I kept hearing this fabulous answer: “Amazon!”

I think it’s fabulous that one fabulous person was dressed as the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock in The Great Gatsby .


I also think that fabulous blogger (and fabulous reader of this blog) Christopher Waldrop will especially appreciate that fabulous Great Gatsby reference, which brings me to my last fabulous new foto for today:


Fabulous Christopher has a fabulous story in that fabulous book, which I think is soooo fabulous (and so fabulously deserved).

Is there any fabulous moral for today’s fabulous story?  Maybe just this: Spend as much time with fabulous people as you can in your fabulous life, because life is short (no matter how fabulously long it seems).

Here‘s “Young and Beautiful” by the fabulous Lana Del Rey, from the 2013 movie The Great Gatsby:

I can’t say whether that film is fabulous or not, because I haven’t seen it.

Fabulous thanks to all who help me create all my “fabulous people” posts, including YOU!


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34 thoughts on “Day 2561: Fabulous people

  1. What a fabulous life ❤

  2. How fabulous!

  3. Ab Fab all around us if we open our eyes to see it!

  4. I’ve not seen the film, either, but I enjoyed the book

  5. A truly fabulous party and equally fabulous post. I was delighted to be introduced to Widad (fabulous, of course!), who has creative talents and a sense of humour in common with Aaron.

  6. I followed the link to Christopher’s blog and read the fabulous news that he is 5 years past cancer treatment and healthy. Congratulations to him on the publication of his work in the anthology. I always enjoy his writing so I will see if I can buy a copy.

  7. Just to follow-up, I found a Static Dreams Vol 2 on the website but not the Canadian one (yet) and so I ordered it to be delivered to my son, who lives in the States. I am looking forward to reading Christopher’s story the next time I visit Seattle.

  8. I was already overwhelmed by the fabulousness of Widad’s art, the cake, the party, and the fabulous fabrics of those Gatsby-themed dresses and then I got to the part about the book and, well, I’m fabulously speechless so I have to turn to Fitzgerald who said, “There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind.”

  9. puella33

    What a fabulous time!

  10. Fabulous post, Ann 😀

  11. Simply fabulous!

  12. Fabulous people, fabulous post, fabulous life

  13. wow did you ever look fabulous Anne!!

  14. Wow! Fabulously beautiful people in gorgeous costume! What a delightful party. I think you all look like a scene from Downton Abbey. Your wedding cake is beautiful (fabulous) too, Ann. Fabulous friends and family, indeed. 🙂

  15. It’s fabulous to see you looking so happy, Ann.

  16. Cheers to all the fabulous people in your blog, Ann! And may we all want to roar about how fabulous these 20s turn out.

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