Day 1949: Made you look

I don’t like making people do anything.  I prefer creating a space — in group therapy and elsewhere —  where people have and make choices.

I don’t like being made to do anything, either. However, this sign made me look.


See what I did there?  I made you look and this IS even a screen.

Shall I make you look at more photos from yesterday?














I realize I made you look at those photos without explaining what I did yesterday, which included

  • working on my first original song,  titled “I Don’t Like You,”
  • facilitating a therapy group where we looked at what scares us and what makes us feel safer,
  • getting a flat tire on my way to visit a dying and beloved friend,
  • asking for help from a nearby gas station,
  • looking at the nail they removed from my tire,
  • looking more closely at the inside of my car and realizing it was past time to clean it,
  • visiting my friend (not pictured),
  • enjoying the first summer-like day of the year, and
  • eating another delicious meal by Michael, al fresco.

I didn’t make you look at a definition of “al fresco;” I just included a link if anybody needed it.

Creating this post made me look for a music video on YouTube and this is what I found:

Looking at that cover of a Taylor Swift song made me understand why Juli at work suggested that I send my original song to Taylor Swift.

If you made me look at comments about this post, I wouldn’t mind.

In conclusion,


See what I did there? I made you look at my thanks to all who helped me create this post and — of course! — to YOU.


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23 thoughts on “Day 1949: Made you look

  1. Hope you had a good visit with your dear friend. What unfortunate timing for a flat. It must have been comforting to come home to a meal lovingly prepared by Michael.

  2. I do like you, and imagine if the whole world made you look and we decided to live as one.

  3. Impossible to not like you 🙂

  4. I’m glad to hear you had help from a nearby gas station, Ann. My car is not equipped with a spare tire, just a can to supposedly inflate a flat. Yeah, I worry about that.

  5. It’s always fun to look at you! And that meal looks delicious!

  6. I always resist being made to do anything. I just failed

  7. Just from the bits that I’ve seen I like your song and I’m surprised it’s your first original song. You didn’t make me feel that way but I’m glad I do.

  8. Does the world feel bigger if you can eat your supper outside with a water view? Does anwater view make problems seem smaller?

    What did you do with the nail they removed from your tire? Will you put it in your basket of therapy stones? Is a nail removed from a tire a problem solved or a problem begun?

    • You made me look at a second comment, Maureen, so here are my answers to your excellent questions:

      Yes. Yes. I put the nail in a place it can’t hurt anyone. No. Good question.

      You made me think and I love that.

  9. Glad to take a look always. It’s no manipulation on your part. It is that we humans are hopelessly driven by curiosity. And some times to a fault.

  10. Marcia Dubreuil

    Your song made me think of a Langston Hughes poem called “Evil:”

    Looks like what drives me crazy
    don’t have no effect on you
    But I’m gonna keep on at it
    till it drives you crazy too

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