Day 2422: Immediate

My immediate reaction to checking my old blog posts, just now, is surprise that I have never written a post with “Immediate” in the title before.

My immediate thought upon waking up this morning was “It’s the day of my one-day only Fringe Festival show —  “Group ‘Therapy’ with Ann.”

I’m hoping to help the people who show up to my show to get an immediate appreciation of the benefits of group therapy. I’m also hoping that the immediate and understandable performance jitters I might be experiencing during my show will not cause me to forget the immediate words and the chords of the two original songs I’ll be sharing.

When I saw this sign yesterday on the streets of Edinburgh,


… my immediate thought was “That’s the title of my blog post tomorrow.”

What are your immediate reactions to the many other photos I took yesterday?

My immediate urge is to let you know that you can enlarge any of those photos by clicking on it immediately.

My immediate reactions to the extraordinary show of my venue captain  …


… Walter Michael DeForest of “Van Gogh Find Yourself” — were all  extremely positive.

When I was putting up my immediate posters for my show at the venue — The Natural Food Kafe — I asked a patron if he would come to a show like mine.  His immediate reaction was yes, if he could.  It took just a few minutes for us to realize that we had an immediate connection in our mutual love for jazz guitarist Pat Metheny.

My immediate decision is to share this live performance of Speaking of Now by the Pat Metheny Group.

To me, the Pat Metheny Group is immediate group therapy.

Please share your immediate thoughts and feelings in a comment, below.

Immediate thanks to all who helped me create today’s immediate post and to all my readers, including YOU!


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23 thoughts on “Day 2422: Immediate

  1. My immediate hope is that you have the time of your life today, Ann. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I was fortunate a few days ago, when immediately awoke out of black out, whilst I driving…..

  3. Wish you all good luck with your show today, Ann 😀
    Nice paint of you, that artist is very talented.

  4. And when I heard you’d be in the show, I knew immediately that you would be making one of your dreams come true

  5. My immediate thoughts are that one of your dreams has now been fulfilled (it is 2.30pm). I do so hope that it was marvellous, satisfying, exciting, and a huge boost to your enjoyment of life. Also, I want to visit Maison de Moggy!

    • My immediate belief is that your kind and caring hopes helped my show be marvelous, satisfying, exciting, and a huge boost to the enjoyment of life! Thanks for visiting here, Peter.

  6. My immediate thought is that you’ll have an amazing, wonderful show, followed by the thought that one piece of advice from Radio 4’s “Funny At The Fringe” was “See as many dogs as you can,” and I’m glad you’re working on that.

    • My immediate piece of advice is “See as many wonderful, amazing people as you can in your life” so — of course! — it’s always great to see you here.

  7. I immediately love your posts!

  8. My immediate thought is …. have lots of fun today with peeps today ❣️

  9. My immediate thought, another awesome post

  10. My immediate thought is that Ann is one brave woman! You go girl!

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