Day 2421: Together again for the first time

Here are most of my photos from yesterday, together again for the first time:


Five years ago (but who’s counting?), Joshua Ladgrove a/k/a Neal Portenza invited my then 16-year-old son Aaron up on the stage with him during his brilliant Fringe show. Last night, they were together again for the first time.

Tomorrow, I’ll be together again for the first time with ?? people (perhaps including some of the people in my photos above)  in my first Fringe show ever.


Because it’s a one-time only show, I have only one chance to get it right.   Will it be a catastrophe, like a boat hitting an iceberg?


Will I lose my head?


Will I maintain my balance?


Will the audience like my music?


Will they use my mindfulness exercise to be in the here and now?


Will anybody mispronounce my name or be a dickhead?


Will people want to see a show from a “new employee” of the Edinburgh Free Fringe?


Here and here are two songs that are “Together Again For the First Time.”

Which reminds me, I want to see Manual Cinema again.


All your comments on this post will be together again for the first time, below.

And today’s expressions of gratitude are together again for the first time!



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22 thoughts on “Day 2421: Together again for the first time

  1. You seem to be enjoying being together with so many new people, Ann šŸ™‚
    All good luck with your show.

  2. Break a leg. (That sounds awful, doesn’t it? Don’t break a leg. Be wonderful.)

  3. I like the Kapow joke

  4. It looks like you’re perfectly positioned between The Whirlpool People and those who’ll Van Gogh find themselves, and I hope that the audience reaction will be overwhelmingly positive.

  5. Such a pity that “My bottom did a burp in class” seems to have been cancelled. That could have blown your mind!
    Was the new employee’s name Merci, or was she French?
    Take a deep breath and give ’em hell!

  6. Wishing you all the best! I’m sure they will love you!

  7. You won’t lose your head. You will be wonderful.

    I was just telling my son about my amazing friend who is performing in the Edinburgh Fringe festival this week, and her amazing son who is also, and separately, performing there. We are delighted and in awe.

  8. Yes you will be awesome because you are awesome

  9. Good luck, Ann, though I’m sure you will be amazing and don’t need it. Still everyone needs luck. I love those elephant cards.

  10. How special to see Aaron on stage again with the same generous people! I can imagine how thrilled you were seeing him perform. šŸ™‚

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