Day 2393: Locations

There are many locations in the news today, including

How are things in your location?

Yesterday, in my location, I was focusing on the location of my upcoming show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as you can see in this email I sent to my “Venue Captain.”


I’m working on my flyer so I wanted to know if the venue was handicapped accessible. Also, would you say it’s considered a little out of the way? I’m thinking of saying it’s not too far from St. George Square Gardens and/or the Meadows Tennis Court. Does that seem like a good way to get visitors to find it and not be too discouraged by the distance?

Also, if I put chairs in a circle how many people do you think could fit in the room?

Many thanks,
Ann (of Group “Therapy” with Ann)

By the way, I had one of those locations wrong — the correct name for that Edinburgh landmark  would be “George Square Gardens.” 

I don’t know the current location of my Venue Captain, but he was kind enough to email me back immediately .

Call me if u can. The spot the Venue is not out of the way from anything it’s in a great spot it’s next to summer Hall … I’m not next to my computer but it’s not like New York City where you have a show in Brooklyn and listen everybody’s excited to see shows ..don’t even mention anything you just tell them where it is it’s next to summer Hall . ..use google maps … download the app… so don’t worry about anything …

No matter what the location is, I agree with the Venue Captain, my Captain, that it doesn’t help to worry. Here’s what my captain said about the size of the room:

if you put people in a circle you might get 10 12 15 I’m not sure, it’s not a very big Room …I don’t know if you saw pictures of it

My captain told me not to worry about anything, so I won’t worry about what might happen if more than fifteen people show up at that location on August 19 at 13:00.  Just like the five groups I do every week in the location of a hospital-based Primary Care Practice in Boston, I will do my best not to turn anybody away.

In my current location on the South Shore of Boston, I spent many hours yesterday trying to add a map with the location of my  Edinburgh Fringe Festival  venue to my flyer.  This is the best map I’ve been able to capture so far:


Now that my son Aaron is in the same location as me (after arriving last night in Boston from his previous location in Jordan), I’m sure he’ll help me  locate a better map locating my venue location on my flyer.

Here’s a video recommending locations to eat in Edinburgh:

I’ve been to a few of those locations (as you can see in locations herehere, here, here, here, and here).  After watching that video, I’m adding several of those locations to my list of new locations to try.

Because my current location is so hot, I have only a few other photos of other locations to share today.




Before reaching that Logan Airport location last night to await the arrival of my son Aaron,  Michael and I revisited the location of Rincon Limeño, a wonderful Peruvian restaurant in East Boston.  At that location, I took this photo, knowing it would appear in this exact location in today’s blog.


Thanks to all who helped me create this “locations” post and to YOU, no matter what your location is, here and now.


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13 thoughts on “Day 2393: Locations

  1. I was momentarily surprised that, as a veteran Fringe attendee, you didn’t know your show location already, but then no matter how well you know a place there’s always something new, and the Fringe changes every year. I hope you have many people show up and that it’s a great success in your location, location, location.

  2. Things in my location seem to be going swiftly to hell in a handcart, but that seems to be the case for many at the moment. Looks to me like a certain pussy cat knows that Mummy is going away!

  3. My location rarely changes I move from one space to another

  4. both cool
    & hot
    at this
    location 🙂

  5. Location Location Location… Thanks for the post. In the midst of all we do to prepare it is hard to figure everything out. Even if we think we have it figured out there will be surprises and we have to adapt. I was happy to reply immediately to your questions regarding the room/Venue. When traveling, I am sure you can agree that finding a WiFi signal is very helpful. I have been in between connections to the inter-webs and it is a blessing and a curse. I have to remind myself it is OK to not be connected. I breathe and breathe again.

    I look forward to meeting you in August.

    By the way my location is outside of Nancy, France. I am in Dieuze, France. An ancient part of history and I am reminded of the Romans who had salt mines here and traveled on the road to Rome. The same views of the mountains and pasteurs the Romans walked and rode.

    Well, see you in August.

    • Walter, my venue captain — Thank you for all the locations, locations, locations, you bring here today. I also look forward to meeting you in or near the location of our Fringe shows.

  6. Our location is Downton, near New Milton. Everyone assumes at first that we are located at Downton, near Salisbury, which is not far away but bigger

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