Day 2097: Will we ever agree on anything again?

After hearing details of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing in the U.S. yesterday,  I wrote today’s title on my Facebook page.

Will we ever agree on anything again?

How would you answer that question?

When I look at my recent photos, I think we might agree on some things.


Do we agree that these are the lyrics of September by Earth, Wind & Fire?

After a day like yesterday, I have trouble sleeping. So I hope we can agree that it’s okay if I publish this blog post at 1:31 AM, Eastern Time.

Maybe we can all agree to have thanks for what we do have, like this blog and each other.



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13 thoughts on “Day 2097: Will we ever agree on anything again?

  1. Great sunsets – I agree

  2. I can’t sleep, either. 3:30 am here now, been up all night.

    Great sunset pics. I agree, too.

  3. I agree with plenty that you say, Ann, including that publishing a post when you can’t sleep is smart.

  4. lifeinkarolingston

    I agree that those photos are beautiful and I always happy to reading your posts! 😊

  5. I think we’re at a time when arrogant, vicious, and cruel men are frightened because they’re being called out for their actions, even though too many of them are too powerful and too protected by others like them to face any real consequences for their actions, at least for now. Perhaps that’s changing, or perhaps we have an opportunity to change it which is why they’re so frightened.
    Is that something we can all agree on? Perhaps not, but I hope enough of us can agree that good people need to work together.

  6. I’m still halfway curled up in a ball protecting my wounded heart. I don’t think we’ll ever be the same again. Maybe what we’ve thought we were wasn’t true in the first place. I think that’s debatable…except I have no more debate left in me! But I’ve been changed. Don’t you think all of our leaders should be forced to see and STUDY “Hamilton?” In my head I keep repeating the refrain “History has its eyes on you…” thank you for being a kind touchstone, Ann. I seriously mean that!

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