Day 2098: Who are the good male role models now?

Yesterday morning, I posted this question on my Facebook page:

Who are the good male role models now?

I got many interesting responses, but, for this blog post, I will include only the first two comments:

We are raising, them, Ann

… which I loved and

Of the people you blog about, several of your doctors, Michael, your father, Aaron and some of your regular readers. Outside of your blog, many who are unsung and Mr Rogers.

… which I also loved.

I did not consciously take photos of good male role models yesterday. Do you see any role models here?













Before I say “Good bye” for today, let’s see what YouTube has for “Good Male Role Models.”

There’s this:

There’s this:

There’s this:

And there’s this, which is a collection of videos from The Pixel Project’s “Who is Your Male Role Model?” (Please click the link in the previous sentence.)


Who are the good male role models now, my good readers?

Thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog post and — of course! — YOU.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2098: Who are the good male role models now?

  1. What a thoughtful take on this pertinent subject! The first 3 videos are terrific. I especially enjoyed the Ted Talk. YOU are a #rolemodel! (Someone probably has told you already, the 4th video is unavailable for viewing.) My male role model was my dad. A kinder, more patient and loving man never lived – except for Jesus! And now, I am blessed to be married to such a man. And our son is that kind of loving man, too… a work in progress on that “patience” issue – – – but aren’t we all?

    • The fourth link is a collection of videos by “The Pixel Project’s” “Who is Your Male Role Model?” campaign. For some reason, it works if you click on the link but the imbedded video doesn’t work. So, thanks to your helpful comment, I’ve changed the post. You and your wonderful men are great role models, Jan!

  2. ❤️
    In our Sukkah, we have a beautiful framed edition by one of your readers, Jeff Schwaner, called Drop Everything. I think people who write poems that inspire me to think are good role models. Gender of role models itself doesn’t matter all that much to me because people I know don’t always stay the same gender for their whole lives.

    • Thank you for always being a great role model, Maureen. ❤ ❤ `

      I shall pass along your comment to that wonderful role model and poet, Jeff S.

  3. Since I think a role model is a person who sets an example we should all follow I think the best male role models, especially now, are women.

  4. Some men who are good role models now may come as a surprise like my grandsons father as a teenager and young man you wouldn’t think he would grow into such a good role model but he has. The best male role models would be my dad and Tim two great men

  5. I like your first two choices.

  6. I see wonderful role models in the world all around me. My world. People I know. My husband. My siblings. The fathers and husbands I know and see who are active parts of their families and communities. Coworkers who show compassion and put forth effort. I know many. ❤

  7. I’m so very lucky to be surrounded by excellent male role models in my father, my husband, and my son, among many others:-)

  8. You’ve created a very thoughtful post, Ann. I have been feeling very sad this week for the men who have always been supportive, loving role models, and I think they need some love. They must feel very vulnerable right now. My father, husband, brother, and son have all been wonderfully kind, respectful and supportive. i feel sorry that the really good men must also feel very vulnerable right now, but the really strong ones do understand where all the pain is coming from, I think.

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