Day 2096: What’s the title of today’s post?

Today’s post could have been titled


Day 2096: Welcome y’all, come on in and stay awhile,


Day 2096: News & Blog,


Day 2096: Essential Knowledge,


Day 2096: Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn,


Day 2096: Dude!  September isn’t even over,


Day 2096: So Far So Good,



Day 2096: That’s What She Said,


Day 2096: Creating a Buzz,


Day 2096: Whatever you are, be a good one,


Day 2096: What Do YOU Care What Other People Think?,


Day 2096: Outliers/Being Mortal,


Day 2096: Self-care for the real world,


or Day 2096: There’s beauty in simplicity, BUT I prefer the title


Day 2096: Bloom where you are planted.

Do you like that title or do you prefer another?


Since I bloom where I am planted, I bought something at the Brookline Booksmith yesterday. Any guesses?

Today’s post also could have been titled


Day 2096: JAZPNO or Day 2096: Jazz Piano, because this comes up on YouTube when I search for “Jazz piano bloom where you are planted.”


Today’s post could also have been titled Day 2096: Thanks to everybody who helped me create this post and — of course! — YOU.


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15 thoughts on “Day 2096: What’s the title of today’s post?

  1. I’m all for the Bloom Where You Are Planted title, Ann. That’s perfect in this great, big WordPress world. And I think you went home with the I’m Not Bossy socks!

  2. Kimothy Joy 😂

  3. I believe the spirit of everything you post is “Welcome, y’all!” even if you may not phrase it exactly that way, but, as the other possibilities show, yours is a blog that both contains and is welcome to all.

  4. I had to run off this morning for a dental appointment and didn’t get a chance to comment on this until now.

    That Feynman book is one of our favourites and we like Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman, too.

    Some good prices at that book store!

  5. Yes yes !! Bloom Where You Are Planted…. definitely a good title.

  6. What’s the title of today’s post?

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