Day 1938: Paramount

Yesterday, I was near the Paramount Theater in downtown Boston.

Today, it is paramount that I facilitate an all-day retreat for group therapists, where we’ll be talking about paramount issues.

Therefore, I am going to post all my photos of the Paramount  and let you decide which of the photos is paramount for you.

But first, an accurate definition of “paramount” might be paramount at this point.

more important than anything else; supreme.
“the interests of the child are of paramount importance”
synonyms: most important, of greatest/prime importance







Finding one’s purpose is often paramount, no matter how difficult or funny it is.

Because some people think it’s paramount for me to include a video in these blog posts, here’s the result of my search on YouTube for “paramount song”:

It’s not paramount that you leave a comment, but it is paramount for me to thank Boston’s Paramount Theater, the Paramount School of Excellence, and — of course! — YOU.

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13 thoughts on “Day 1938: Paramount

  1. Oh Ann, I’m so much a Dreamer, and I suppose that’s what feeds my imagination…..(5 dots) not sure what that means ??

  2. The marquee’s messages are of utmost importance, I think, Ann!

  3. Because words and their meanings are so important to me I don’t just think about the meaning of “paramount” but it’s derivation too. Taken literally “paramount” is “above the peak”, where inclusivity, generosity, creativity, art, and compassion can take you and you’ll never look at words the same way again.

  4. Who doesn’t know that song, people who live in caves up in a mountain, that’s who…………….
    I am as usual glad I dropped by today

  5. Communication is paramount

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  7. Much love to you right now, my dear. I wish I could attend your therapists’ retreat!

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