Day 1939: First AND last

The first thing I want to do in this post is let you know that my walking team at work is in first place  at this point in the six-week competition.  The six people on my team have walked more steps than any other team at the hospital where we all work: 1,162,290 combined steps in two weeks.

However, with 163,275 steps, I’m in last place on my team.

Despite being first AND last, I’m meeting the competition goal of 10,000 steps per day. The last thing I just saw on the challenge website was this:

Congratulations! You’re right on track!

So how do I feel about being first AND last?

Well,  I know I’ve been doing my best.  That’s paramount. And the team leader, Barbara, just messaged me

We are all part of the team….Go Ann!!!

Barbara makes you feel like you’re first, no matter where you are.  That — and the exercise benefits of walking in this competition — are going to last, for me.

Yesterday, I facilitated a retreat for group therapists — neither my first such retreat nor  my last.  It was the first warm and sunny day of Spring around here but (I hope) not the last. Even though I had to spend most of  that beautiful Sunday inside, my good feelings about the day are going to last.

I shall now share  my photos from yesterday’s retreat, from first to last.








What’s the first and last thing you notice in those photos?

The first thing I have to do today is get to work on time, so I’ll quickly go to the last blogging business of the day.  I hope that you


… and — last but not least — thanks to all who helped me create today’s first-AND-last post and  (of course!)  YOU.



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18 thoughts on “Day 1939: First AND last

  1. I won’t be the first to comment on your blog, and never be the last to comment on this blog. I don’t mind being last, as I know I’ve had a go, if I finish first, the rest of the team must’ve fallen over. 😊

  2. I will never forget my late friend’s birthday, because, as I can still hear him say, he was born on the last of the first. Ivor first, and me second – that must be a first

  3. My FitBit finally broke last week. I don’t know why this device on my wrist has so much power over me. Now that it’s gone I know I’m not getting my steps in. For awhile I was first amongst my FitBit wearing friends but one friend lives in Florida in the winter and she soared ahead of us when the weather got really bad here. My goal at that point was not to be last. I’ve tried to be first to comment on your blog but I’d have to get up pretty early to do that and I think on occasion I’ve been last (especially when I get behind on reading my emails). Keep walking Ann and I’ll try to follow suit, with or without a FitBit.

    • I forgot my Fitbit today, Carol, but my team is still in first because my iPhone also tracks my steps. More power to the both of us, no matter what place we’re in.

  4. You are taking lasting steps to a better you, Ann. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind about your considerable walking challenge accomplishment!

  5. The first thing I notice is that the cups are round and that string has interchangeable ends, and once you finish the competition and the retreat there will be more to come. I’ll tell you the last thing I notice when I stop noticing things.

  6. At last I can sit down to rest and read my first blog after work. Just another first and last comparison. When I married the 2nd time I married a man with 2 children. Together he and I had a child.
    She was #1, #2, #3 and #4.
    Our FIRST child. My SECOND child. His THIRD child. And the FOURTH child of the family. 🙂

  7. I think being first is overrated. You are meeting your goal of 10,000 steps and I think that’s what’s important, and as you said will last.

  8. Last place is a place I am usually in, just saying

    • You were in last place in this comment section, Joanne, but now I’m in last place. Love the place you’re in.

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