Day 1937: What could go right?

In therapy lately, several people have decided to ask themselves “What could go right?” instead of consistently focusing on what could go wrong.

I’m pulling for everyone to have success in this valiant effort to change habitually negative thinking.  Would you like to follow us and redirect your thoughts from what could go wrong to what could go right?

What could go right, here and now?

These photos could go right.











For those of us who think about what could go wrong when we can’t fall asleep, it’s a relief to focus on what could go right.

There are endless YouTube videos about what could go wrong and this one about what could go right:


Gratitude for those who help me create these daily blog posts and  for you — of course! — always goes right.




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16 thoughts on “Day 1937: What could go right?

  1. Haven’t been following your blog much recently (or anyone else’s) but your posts are as great as ever 🙂

  2. Things go right when I start the day off reading your thoughts and thinking about your photos, Ann.

  3. You introduced me to the word “catastrophizing”, for assuming things will go wrong, and now it occurs to me we need a word for assuming we need a word for assuming things will go right: “successitating”.

  4. It seems anything van go wrong, and sometimes it definitely does, but so much can go right! Thanks for the reminder. It’s been one helluva week over here, with a sad confirmation of suspected diagnosis to cope with. But anything could go right! Breathing and staying in the moment. 🙏

  5. I’m so used to things going wrong that I always have at least one backup plan – that’s what I think about when I can’t sleep.

  6. Jennifer

    The retreat can go right 🙂

  7. I always tell people I’m the Queen of Worst Case Scenarios. I wish I could adjust my thinking, and I’m not sure why I always assume that something bad is bound to happen when things go well. It seriously keeps me up at night.

  8. What’s weird is that I replied to this post, and my reply isn’t here! Something didn’t go quite right…

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