Day 1611: Did you know?

Did you know …

  • my blog posts are often inspired by a photo I’ve taken the day before?


  • I like it when colors match unexpectedly?


  • one of our cats is named Oscar and when my son picked him out at a shelter over ten years ago, Aaron said, “That’s a really nice cat but Oscar is not a good name for him!” but after Aaron sat with the cat in the back seat on the ride home, Aaron declared, “Oscar is the perfect name for this cat”?


  • we looked at gas cooktops yesterday?








  • my boyfriend Michael and designer Kelly Wearstler worked together years ago at a Boston restaurant — she as a waitress and he as a line cook?


  • because of technological advances, you and your children can now draw directly on refrigerators?



  • Michael and I created something together yesterday?


  • Michael sometimes suggests that I not take certain pictures and I ignore him?



  • we like visiting a local cat shelter (where we found our other cat, Harley) even though we’re not looking for another cat?



  • cats like to sleep on mysterious purr padds …


… and in beds that look like fish?


  • Michael cooks incredible meals, including gnocchi with  fresh tuna, snow peas, basil, cannellini beans, and two different kinds of tomatoes?



  • I would make a terrible food photographer because I’m often in a rush to start eating?


  • there is no image of a man kissing a snake in that video?
  • how to post comments on this blog?
  • I am always grateful for all who help me create these posts and — of course! — for YOU?
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32 thoughts on “Day 1611: Did you know?

  1. I love the story about Aaron and Oscar’s name. Can Aaron remember why he was won over by the name?

  2. I always know more than I did after than I did before following an Ann Koplow blog read!

  3. Did you know shopping for household furniture and kitchen appliances can be incredibly stressful? Did you know you can defer most decisions and use your BBQ? Did you know it all falls into place eventually. Did you know I enjoy seeing pictures of Michael’s creations? And of course, reading your blog daily?

  4. Did you know how satisfying it is to have this little window into your world as you embark on the journey to your life by the sea?

  5. Your post brought up so many memories. I used to run in Saucony shoes, though my socks never matched. Twenty-five years ago I had two cats. One was named George and looked like your Oscar, and the other was actually named Oscar. I too like to visit the local cat adoption place, though husband has said no more cats. Still…..

  6. Did you know that spending countless hours in a furniture store that could only be compared to a used car lot jacks up my anxiety to the stratosphere? However, I did it anyway yesterday because my wife wanted a new bedroom suite for her birthday.

    I guess that refrigerator puts a whole new spin on hanging up your kids artwork.

  7. Did you know the name “Oscar” may be from Irish Gaelic, a combination of two words that mean “dear friend”? Alternatively “Oscar” may be from Old Norse Aesgir, which means “god’s spear”.
    These seemingly contradictory names may be very appropriate if Oscar, like many cats, sometimes expresses affection with claws and teeth.

  8. What a fun read! I didn’t know any of the above.

  9. No, I don’t know how to post a comment on this bl……………………………………………..

  10. Some of these things I knew, some I did not know, did you know that it is bloody cold here this morning

  11. Did you know I did not know you can draw on a refrigerator? I did know Michael is an excellent chef and was not surprised to see a delicious dinner cooking on the stove

  12. Well, I never did!

  13. Hi Anna – apologies for sporadic visits – caring for parents during ongoing crisis which is slowly resolving – always nice to return and wander through your thoughts and pictures.

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