Day 1610: Enter here

Enter here, dear readers.

As I enter another blog post here, I wonder why I entered this image onto my iPhone yesterday.


I shall enter here my best guesses:

  • It’s good to know where you should enter.
  • No matter where we are or where we’ve been, we still need to enter different places.
  • Soon I shall enter a new home.
  • Next year, I shall enter a new position of responsibility.
  • Yesterday, after I entered the place where I saw the “Enter Here” sign, I ran into somebody who had previously held that position of responsibility.  When I asked him if he thought I had what it took to enter into that position successfully, he entered a vote of confidence.
  • I have entered many blog posts here and hope to enter many more.
  • Today is Memorial Day in the USA, where we honor those who entered battle, never to return.

I shall now enter here, with gratitude, my other photos from yesterday.





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29 thoughts on “Day 1610: Enter here

  1. How many new situations do we enter into without paying any attention to the newness of it? Like…every single morning. And what follows.

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  3. For those who survive major physical and emotional challenges, they have to enter a “new normal”, a reality that they can survive or despise. Positivity is the answer, acceptance.

    As for those we honor today, they have entered an existence we will know soon enough. While we hope it is a better place, it may be nothing more than oblivion. What do you hope to enter? Does it matter? Do you prepare or just accept the future “new normal”, hoping you got it right?

  4. Open door to new opportunities 💙

  5. I sometimes enter places I shouldn’t, like the time I went into the Cleveland Botanical Gardens without realizing it was still under construction and not yet open to the public. It was an accident, but sometimes it’s accidents that allow us to enter a bigger world.

  6. Thank you for being a responsible blogging friend, Ann, always up for the daily challenge. And Happy Memorial Day!

  7. How wonderful that Aaron is home, just in time to help you pack and move! I can’t wait to find out which wonderful place you chose. And congrats on the new position!

  8. I just got told to Enter my comment here, and so I shall. Congratulations on your new position and the unnumbered entrances you are about to make! The Memorial Day video allowed me, for a moment, to enter into the world of sorrow that accompanies every military person and family member. No matter who they are, the entrance back into the ‘normal’ world is fraught with unknown terrors. Thank you, Ann, for this timely reminder.

  9. This is a touching, post. I “entered” this post to fb page!

  10. It’s always so good to enter your world!

  11. Looking forward particularly to your entering a new home.

  12. Blessings on the new home.

  13. I entered your post and was entranced. 🙂

  14. Came scrolled through the post liked the photos now I leave

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