Day 1081: The right way

Do you ever notice yourself (or others) getting stuck on the right way to …

  • reach a destination, by car or otherwise?
  • perform a particular task?
  • move towards a goal?
  • try something new?
  • express yourself?
  • interact with other people?
  • do every big and little thing?

While it can be helpful to weigh options and choose a good-enough next step, focusing too much on “the right way” can lead to

  • over-thinking,
  • procrastination,
  • stagnation,
  • confusion,
  • time wasting,
  • frustration,,  and
  • self-criticism.

Am I creating this blog post the right way, this Thursday morning?   And, are you stuck in thoughts about doing something the “right way”  as you’re reading it?

Did I take these photos the right way?







I think the right way to proceed, now,  is to tell you that the most righteous photo in that batch was taken by my boyfriend Michael (shown holding a Star Wars action figure the right way, above).

Which photo is it that Michael took the right way?  The right way to let me know is to comment below.

Before I end this post the right way (with gratitude), here’s something I wrote to friends last night:

I’ve decided today that I am not going to be making a fool of myself when I try out for The Voice in February. That’s a win already!

Right-way thanks to Michael, cats and other creatures, people with compassion, and you — of course! — no matter what next thing you choose to do.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1081: The right way

  1. That’s me, taken the right way! Some of my girlfriends will come now.

  2. That’s right Harley, that’s you, but you shoulda taken that role in the African Kitty Queen, but you were too shy.

  3. Yep – you’re right Ann! Have fun today.
    I expect the other auditioners will be very interesting! Wonder if you can take photos …

  4. You’re absolutely RIGHT, I tend to stress myself out wondering if I’m doing things the RIGHT way. Thanks for the excellent piece! Love the pics of the kitties (especially the one looking RIGHT up at the lens).

  5. I embrace what I used to call my demon…perfectionism. It hurt me in the past, but led to some amazing life accomplishments. I love the photo “Stupidly Simple”…looking back, that about says it all, Ann. ❤️

  6. I hope I’m not righteously mistaken in thinking Michael took one of the pictures of a gecko, although I think it’s much more likely that he took the righteous picture of Harley.
    And while I would have thought you’d decided not to make a fool of yourself when you decided to audition for The Voice it’s good that you’ve made it a firm commitment. However technically I think you’ve really resolved to not allow yourself to feel foolish.
    You’re very brave to be auditioning and you won’t be a fool no matter what.

  7. There are so many right ways to do something. All you have to do is take a cab to the same place several times to realize that!

  8. Some things have a right way and a wrong way, but lots of things just have different ways.

    I am confident you will not make a fool of yourself on The Voice, also. 🙂

  9. Right away I hoped Michael had taken the tuna toothbrush picture, because it made me laugh; but I almost couldn’t post this because it is the wrong answer. But, what the hell, sometimes getting things wrong is the right way

  10. Harley is such a beauty! Your post made me think about the “right way”- what is right for one person may not be right for another- I think we need to know ourselves and trust ourselves in our thinking- it will lead to a choice we can live with and be happy about.

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