Day 1082: Sound

What is the sound of

  • silence?
  • one hand clapping?
  • peace?
  • distraction?
  • connection?
  • technology?
  • thoughts?
  • feelings?
  • time?
  • a sound body?
  • a sound mind?

Sound is on my sound mind right now because last night’s therapy group soundly picked “sound” as a topic to explore.  Two  hours earlier, I had heard the sound of a different therapy group soundly choosing  the sound topic of “Wisdom.”

As we explored sound in that second therapy group, people soundly requested some  sounds of the season (which I soundly played on my sound iPhone):

What do those sounds do for you?

What sounds are evoked by these images on my sound iPhone?











What sounds do you hear, here and now?

Please soundly express the sounds in your head and your heart, in a comment below.

What is the sound of gratitude?  Thanks to all.

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39 thoughts on “Day 1082: Sound

  1. I think of Helen Keller who could hear not a sound and accomplished so much and taught us so much. I love the peace dove- its message sent though making no sound

  2. A few major memories with your lovely post, Ann. I went often to events in the Mormon Tabernacle, so amazing at Christmas. And a dear friend from Michigan directed a handbell choir. I had the chance to play them a few times. The sounds were so sweet. 🎵 🎶

  3. Sounds like a sound question Ann! Right now it is almost silent. Just a faint sound of footsteps in the basement as Don feeds the dogs. Perhaps this is what gratitude sounds like tight in this moment.

  4. Bee positive… Hahaha… nice sound has that photo 🙂

  5. Hi Ann, so I watched the video of the choir and I am so amazed by those bell ringing people. They ring their bells with such confidence, smiling the whole time. It would be really obvious if one didn’t ring their bell perfectly at the right time. Do you think their arms get tired?
    Hope you are doing well!!!!

  6. As usual I can only hear my thoughts buzzing in my head. I wonder about people with audio-optical synesthesia and what wonderful sound they might hear when they see one hand clapping or when they see two interesting watches. And I think about the first time I heard a piece of clothing–a very distinctive tie–described as “loud”. And I think about what seeing a piece of music performed as we listen to it adds to it.
    And that makes me think about you trying out for “The Voice” where the judges will hear you before they see you. I can only imagine what seeing you will add to hearing you sing, and how good it will be.

    • I like all the sounds, thoughts, and images in this comment, Chris. I soundly doubt the judges on The Voice will ever see me, but I’ll be glad to see and hear all I do during my try-out in February!

  7. What I hear right now is the repetitive music and chatter from my phone while I sit on hold. I have been on hold for 35 minutes. I cannot wait to hear the sound of an actual human being answering my questions!

  8. At the moment I hear silence because it’s break time at work, and everyone has skedaddled! But beyond that I hear the sound of love and joy — babies crying, kids laughing, presents wrapping, old TV movies tooting in the background — and me, counting down the hours until I’m home for the weekend!

  9. What wonder and wisdom in this post!

  10. I always try and watch out for your posts 😉

  11. amusez798387

    I love the sounds of silence. It’s a rare thing. It brings me peace.

  12. The sounds of silence are my specialty. Please let me work!

  13. Ask Simon and Garfunkle???? 🙂

  14. The choir sound is uplifting. We live on a road route between two hospitals. Several times a day or night we hear the sound of someone being rushed to safety

    • I like the sound of that, because I work among many hospitals and hear the sounds of “someone being rushed to safety” many, many times a day. Thanks for another sound comment, Derrick.

  15. Music is a wonderful sound, especially at this time of year. Merry Christmas to you from a Canadian blogfriend!

  16. What bright happy chirrupings and chirpings that dove is sending out to the world!

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