Day 38: Reasons why I should move to Charleston, SC

Among the many reasons I should move to Charleston, SC are the following:


In my two days (so far) in Charleston, practically every person I’ve met has looked and sounded remarkably relaxed, content, and happy.  People I’ve spoken to in Charleston — who have, without exception, been kind, courteous, friendly, and interesting — include  Chris Perot:


Chris was one of many people I spoke to yesterday who urged me to move to Charleston. Some of these Charleston Proselytizers became converted mid-life; others are native born.  Chris was one of the former:  he moved here from somewhere else. (Chris, if you’re reading this, I forgot to write down where you moved from, and my memory sucks!)

Chris is a musician and he also really enjoys his job at a Very Cool Hat Store, on the Very Cool King Street.





You may think this reason refers to Chris, above.  It doesn’t. It refers to actual felines, and I love cats.

The proof for Reason # 3 includes some hearsay;  that is, somebody who works at the Francis Marion Hotel — the great place I’m staying — told me that many stores have resident cats. However, this conclusion also involves my own inductive reasoning.  (In case you’re like me and  usually can’t remember the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning unless you Google it, inductive reasoning is when you go from the specific to the general.)

Here is the specific proof  from which I am generalizing — a cat named Sandy in yet another Cool Store on King Street:


Sandy was working in one of the two retail stores I went into yesterday. (I’m not a big shopper on vacations, obviously). So, based on my scientific experimentation yesterday (and I readily admit that my results are suspect because of the smallness of the sample size), approximately 50% of stores in Charleston have excellent working cats, like Sandy:






Also, the grocery stores have excellent, accessible hours:


And sometimes they offer free balloons:



Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Here is the wonderful manager of this chocolatierre shop, with her husband.

photo (13)

They moved to Charleston from Detroit about five years ago.  I wrote down their names yesterday, but now I can’t find the piece of paper with that information. (See Reason #1, above, regarding the following topics:  (1) Friendly and Interesting People in Charleston, (2) People Who Have Moved Here, and (3) My Sucky Memory.)

I think their names are Russ and Nancy, and they (1)  had several reasons of their own why I should move to Charleston, (2) provided me with an incredibly delicious Meringuey-Chocolatey concoction, and (3) invited me  to a 3-hour Chocolate-Making Class that was taking place last night, with Christophe, THE Chocolate Artisan in Charleston (and perhaps a larger geographical territory, I can’t remember) and the owner of this establishment.

And I was tempted to go to this class (Russ and Nancy, if I’m right about their names, actually used the word “Adventure”– the magic word —  while trying to convince me to go).  And I  signed up, at first. (I mean, Duh! They used the word “Adventure” and it would have involved three hours of chocolate.) But after I thought more about it,  I changed my mind and  backed out before I left  the french chocolate cafe (whose official name is “Christophe Artisan Chocolatier — Patissier”).   I had some restful, stress-free plans for myself last night, and I realized that a 3-hour class just wouldn’t work for me.  And Russ and Nancy were perfectly gracious and understanding about this, as they were about all topics we discussed.


photo (15)

So, dear reader,  I had many more Reasons Why I Should Move to Charleston, SC — with photographic proof — that I could have included in this blog post today.

However, I should probably end this post here, because there are some decisions I have to make, quite soon,  regarding a certain blizzard  that is about to hit Boston, which has all the weather media outlets (including those in Charleston) issuing dire and hysterical warnings for people who (1) live in Boston or (2) are flying there on Friday.  (By the way, see my blog post, on Day 33: Groundhog Day, for more about meteorologists and their dire and hysterical warnings:

Which leads me to the final entry, right here:


boston blizzard

Thanks for reading, as always.

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163 thoughts on “Day 38: Reasons why I should move to Charleston, SC

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  1. I was hoping i’d see a comment saying that you actually did move there, but i guess not. (I’ve been trying to relocate for 4 years…) Lovely post though. Hummm maybe i should add Charleston to my list of places to which i’m willing to move. 😀

    • For now, I’m in Boston, even though I don’t like the winters. Perhaps when my 16-year-old son goes away to college, I’ll move to Charleston (or another place on my list of places I’m willing to move). In the meantime, I’m so glad you dropped by here and commented today!

    • It’s so cool to see you here, Teagan. I haven’t been to Charleston yet but it is on my to-see list. See you soon.

  2. naturelover321

    Great! I actually started to feel as if I was there in Charleston. Would love to read your blogs in future

  3. Love Charleston! Can definitely see wanting to live there.

    • Me, too! I haven’t been back to visit Charleston since I wrote this almost two years ago. Maybe it’s time for me to go again!

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  5. So nice to see you, Ann. Not sure how you found my blog, but seems incredibly coincidental that I first stumble upon your post about Charleston, where I reside. I loved walking through my own town through your eyes. Lovely!

    • I love the coincidence, synchronicity, whatever-we-want-to-call-it, Marga! So nice to see you, too, and I hope we meet again (in the blog-o-sphere or in Charleston, whenever I next visit again).

    • I also want to add, here, that I think you are an amazingly talented writer. I look forward to many more visits to your blog.

  6. HI Ann, Saw you peeked over ;D I think you SHOULD make the move, now! Boston is frigid in the winters and humid in the summer. Beside, le chat et chocolat de francaise c’est manifique! Move for those 2 reasons alone!! And I hear from people who have lived there and can’t wait to get back, LOVE THE AREA!! I would move you, but here is Colorado is a long commute!! Stay in touch!! Good to see you.

  7. Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by my blog to like my post on Thanksgiving. I am fascinated by your post on reasons to move to SC. I so enjoyed your photos and the vignettes about cool cats, feline and otherwise. We visited family in NC a few years ago and scoped out communities for future reference. They took us over the state line into Fort Mill, SC to Sun City which offers everything active retirees could ask for: maintenance free homes with 2-car garages, reasonable prices, tons of amenities, interest clubs galore. Just two things seemed lacking in that area: Democrats and people other than white. Then the state politics got even weirder, to our thinking, and we told ourselves no way. I wasn’t a practicing Buddhist then, so I imagine that would make three deal breakers, but I haven’t checked that out. Instead we are planning on Naples, FL which isn’t hugely different but does offer some sanghas and a bit more diversity. And we decided against a retirement community per se. Before deciding on your destination, check it out!

  8. Love this city. When I moved out of Texas I took several road trips to new areas to decide where I wanted to live next. It came down to Denver or Charleston, SC. Denver won out for the hiking/biking and outdoor life. I love it here, but often thinking of moving south again. When I do, it’s CSC for me. Great piece and love the focus of this blog. Yes, a year living without judgment, criticism or competition which is my current focus. Kudos to you.

  9. Glynis Jolly

    I assume that the cats have the positive of mouser. If the people are genuinely hospitable, I’d say go ahead and move there. It can make all the different in your life to be around people who naturely kind.

    • I agree with you and, in this moment, I can feel the difference it makes in my life to read your naturally kind comment. Many thanks for the visit.

  10. ColorStorm

    Just a heads up and tkx for appreciating my stuff enough to want to see more!

    G-luck to ya in your new adventures

    cya soon

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  12. I’ve often thought I would like to move to somewhere in the Carolina’s north or south both sound pretty good to me. Charleston looks really nice. Warmer climate sounds pretty good about now the NYC winters aren’t very endearing. Thanks for the follow and so glad to have found your blog.

  13. I’m sorry, but when I think of Charleston, I think of one of the two largest slave centers in the colonies. Boston was the other one! Anyhow, thanks for following my blog. It’s great to have another reader.

  14. I would move there for the French Chocolate shop alone 🙂 I also love the many churches with their mysterious old gardens, the basket weavers, the islands nearby….but the summers may get really hot and humid. I also think there is a lot of old money there and that group of folks might be hard to break into (if one even wanted to….).

    • I’m so glad you visited to see the beauty along the road, here! These days, I’m thinking I might want to move to the San Francisco Bay area of California. Do you think that would be tough to break into?

  15. It sounds like you’re struck by Charleston, well done.

  16. Those chocolates look yummy! 🙂

  17. Glad you like my blog!! Two friends just moved to Charleston actually. I am no longer an East coast person even though I lived in New England for years.

  18. Seems ironic that I was led to this post of yours, 4 days after the Charleston massacre. I wonder…did you end up moving there? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • It seems ironic to me, also. I still live in Boston. When I heard the news of the massacre, it hurt even more, because of my experience of that city. I greatly appreciate you dropping by here today, Dawn, and leaving this comment.

  19. After your visit, WordPress suggested this nugget of yours from the past. I’ve been to Charleston, but I have no desire to move there, or anywhere south. I’m in CT, and at least for now, I appreciate four strong seasons. As long as the snow blower holds up 🙂

    • I appreciate this nugget of a comment from you, Dan, but I do NOT appreciate nuggets of ice and snow. Good to see you here, and I look forward to visiting your blog again, soon.

  20. Ann, so nice to see you again!!! DAng, I changed to Webhosting and must find a webmaster LOL. So nice to see you were able to connect!!!! Love you writings and enjoy more after my site is working properly. Did any of us plan to be TECHIES as well as our career choices? hehehe Cheers Ann

  21. AND, Charleston is rife with deep tradition and history. Not all good, mind you. But a resilience that has taken it through wars and earthquakes and hurricanes. The French Huguenots — at least many of them — relocated in Charles Towne when Louis XIV recanted the Edict of Nantes and began a horrendous persecution of the Protestants. It is the seed for an historic novel I’ve not been working on for three years now. Francis Marion — the Swamp Fox — was an honored Revolutionary War leader from the area, and one of my characters, Peter Horry (Or-ree) was a landowner in Charleston.

    • Interesting information and it reminds me about how resilience takes us all through so many trials and tribulations. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  22. I have never been to America, but Charleston would be high on my list of places to visit, if I ever did. Something about old world southern charm, (which may no longer exist) nice architecture, and Fort Sumter. (Which is still there.)
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

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