Day 3401: Good choices

I’ve made many good choices in my life, including

  • becoming a group therapist in my 40’s after careers as a technical writer, marketing writer, film school instructor, and advertising/marketing communications business owner,
  • having a child in my 40’s,
  • both my husbands,
  • my wonderful friends,
  • several shelter cats,
  • starting this daily blog in 2013,
  • agreeing to get a mechanical heart valve in 2016 despite my fears of open heart surgery (because of traumatic childhood experiences),
  • disconnecting from toxic people, and
  • voting for Democrats who support a woman’s right to choose.

Do you see good choices in my images for today?

There are lots of choices from today’s National Days and I choose to celebrate National Star Wars Day by sharing this.

This is the 3,401st time I’ve made good choices about how to end my blog posts — with gratitude for all who appear here, including YOU.

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9 thoughts on “Day 3401: Good choices

  1. Good choices one and all!

  2. I love all the flowers, the fruit, and the sweet kitties. one of my best choices was going to grad school and changing careers at 40, like you!

  3. I cheer your choices as well as your right to choose, Ann.

  4. Things don’t seem so great right now but you give me hope that good choices will prevail.

  5. You’ve certainly made some wonderful choices in life Anne!

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