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Day 3550: Who speaks to you?

Last night, after listening to many Todd Rundgren songs that spoke to me, I asked a question on Twitter about who speaks to you:

I love reading about who speaks to other people.

Do you know who does NOT speak to me (which I’ve never spoken about before on this blog)? My sister. People who speak in my therapy groups often reveal that siblings in their families have trouble speaking to each other.

Here’s someone who constantly speaks to me, although I don’t know what she’s saying.


Do any of my images today speak to you?

The Daily Bitch always speaks to me (even if some people in Real Life and on Twitter don’t speak to me).

Here’s one of the Todd Rundgren songs that spoke to me yesterday:

Who is speaking to you now? Hello, it’s me, with gratitude for YOU.

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Day 3536: Another look

On National Another Look Unlimited Day, I’ll take another look at

  • what I’m packing and not packing for my 10-day trip, which starts tomorrow,
  • what I need to do around the house before I leave for Florida and Georgia,
  • the lyrics I wrote last night for a new song titled “Don’t Worry, Don’t Hurry,”
  • the numbers for my blog titles (if I started this daily blog on 1/1/13, shouldn’t the current number be lower?) (thanks to my loyal reader Debbie T and myself, this has been solved and fixed!),
  • everything I’m going to miss while I’m away, and
  • the images I captured yesterday for today’s blog.

I love how the Daily Bitch takes another look at everything, including National Another Look Unlimited Day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “another look.”

Now I’m going to take another look at this 1990s photo of Gary Burton, my old business partner Jonathan, and me:

I’ll take another look at the comments section later in the day.

Here’s another look at the gratitude I have for all who visit this blog, including YOU.

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Day 3533: Balance

Yesterday, as I was trying to balance my needs with other people’s needs, I

  • balanced providing individual and group therapy at the Boston hospital where I work,
  • helped prepare my two wonderful co-workers who will be covering three of my groups while I’m on vacation for two weeks,
  • had the delicious macaroni and cheese at the hospital cafeteria for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic (because they only serve it on Fridays and I usually work remotely from my home on Fridays),
  • met with my new electrophysiologist/cardiologist, Dr. Peter Zimetbaum, at the hospital where I work, and
  • felt very relieved about how knowledgeable, encouraging, and willing Dr. Zimetbaum was to collaborate with my long-time cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem, who works at a different Boston hospital.

On balance, it was a terrific day.

Do you see balance in my images for today?


Leave it to today’s Daily Bitch to have the last word on balance.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “balance.”

I also find this:

Balanced thanks to all who help me keep my balance every day, including YOU!

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Day 3529: Messages from the universe

Messages from the universe can appear anywhere, including a hospital gift shop.


Messages from the universe can also appear on Twitter.

Do you see any messages from the universe in my other images for today?

Maybe you should hydrate more.
It’s a brand new day.
There is art everywhere.
There’s more than one way to commute to work.
I should really visit the Kennedy Library one of these days.
There are dangers and protections everywhere.
What the hell is happening to the United States? Is it strong enough to endure? And, it sure is windy around here.
Maybe I should stop captioning these images and let you see your own messages from the universe.

Messages from the universe are encouraging me to visit a beach, be aware of my grief for those I loved and lost, and remember all those delicious toasted marshmallows.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “messages from the universe.”

I also find this:

Thanks to all who send and receive messages from the universe, including YOU!

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Day 3515: Message in a Bottle

Yesterday, I saw this “Message in a Bottle” at a public art installation near the hospital where I work:

Here’s the description of “Message in a Bottle” by Janet Kawada and Bette Ann Libby:

For centuries, bottles have been used for preservation and as vessels to carry thoughts and memories. They have the capacity to last much longer than we anticipate. Finding an unexpected relic of a bygone time gives the discoverer a moment to consider. WHO left it, WHAT was that person doing here and WHERE did they come from? Yearning for peace, love, a better future, frightened, hopeful, adventurous or all of the above. Did we welcome them? Maya Angelou states, The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

In a way, every blog post is a message in a bottle from me — yearning for peace, love, a better future, frightened, hopeful, etc. Also, my photos often try to capture a message in a bottle from somebody else.

What message in a bottle do you notice here, now?

Because it’s National Tell a Joke Day, here are some “message in a bottle” jokes.


Here’s “Message in a Bottle” by the Police:

I look forward to your message in the comments bottle, below.

Thanks to all who have sent or received a message in a bottle, including YOU.

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Day 3477: Decisions, Decisions

I’m pretty sure I’ve written other blog posts about decisions, decisions because making decisions can be difficult for me.

Some people have decided that decisions, decisions can be especially challenging for people who are Perceivers (rather than the Judgers) on a Myers-Briggs scale.

One of my decisions about decisions is that there often isn’t one right or wrong decision. All-or-nothing thinking puts too much pressure on decisions, decisions.

At the same time, a series of bad, thoughtless decisions, decisions can have global consequences, like climate change.

Do you see decisions, decisions in my images for today?


The National Day Calendar people are offering only two decisions, decisions today.

I’m making a decision, decision to share this result from searching YouTube for “decisions, decisions.”


So many decisions, decisions to make as I create this daily blog, but I always decide to end each post with gratitude for YOU!

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Day 3471: Unknowns

When I write notes for therapy sessions, I document people’s stressors, and those stressors often include “unknowns about the future.”

People have always dealt with unknowns, but unknowns these days include

  • when the pandemic will end,
  • what other diseases will emerge,
  • how people will make it to their next paycheck,
  • the future of democracy,
  • whether injustices will ever be satisfactorily addressed,
  • the planet’s response to climate change, and
  • who and what will survive.

No wonder so many people are stressed by unknowns!

For some unknown reason, I still hold out hope for the future. Maybe it’s because I have to, in order to face unknowns here and now.

Do you see unknowns in my images for today?


Roller skates are not unknown to me but that Jefferson Starship lullaby is. Sometimes, unknowns can become knowns almost immediately.

What are your unknown (to me) thoughts and feelings about unknowns?

It’s probably unknown to you how much I appreciate your visits here, but I do my best to let you know!

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Day 3464: How bad can it be?

How bad can it be if I start my daily blog post by quoting The Daily Bitch?

How bad can it be when I’m wishing that someone WOULD come from the future to stop us from widespread destruction, injustice, and greed?

How bad can it be in my other images for today?

How bad can it be when it’s National Hand Roll Day?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “how bad can it be?”


How bad can it be when I have wonderful readers like YOU?

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Day 3442: Surprising

It’s not surprising to regular readers of this blog that I’m starting out this post with a definition of “surprising.”

It’s surprising to me how limited that definition is, so here is a definition of “surprise”:

The bell-ringing part of that definition is surprising to me — who knew bell-ringing has its own nomenclature?

It’s surprising to me how insecure I can be about whether I’m using the right word, like “nomenclature.”

Phew! I was surprisingly accurate.

All of these things are surprising to me, here and now:

  • Using three definitions in one blog post (a personal record for me),
  • The people who are testifying against Trump in the hearings about the January 6 USA insurrection,
  • How many people are not using the word “insurrection,”
  • How people seem so sure that the Republicans are going to take the House and/or the Senate in the November 2022 midterm elections, and
  • That people here are so appreciative of the photos and images I share.

Do you see anything surprising in today’s images?


There’s often something surprising in the list of National Days, don’t you think?

This is the first thing that comes up on YouTube when I search for “surprising”:

I wonder what will be surprising in the comments section, below.

Surprising thanks to all my surprising readers, including YOU!

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Day 3430: Keeping Up

I’m having trouble keeping up with many things these days, including

  • changes in technology,
  • the news, and
  • responding to all the wonderful people who engage with me through social media (here and on Twitter).

Let’s see if I’m keeping up with the latest definition of “keeping up.”

Keeping up with the first definition and with my role as a psychotherapist, I keep telling people not to keep comparing themselves with others, because that keeps them feeling bad about themselves. If you want to keep up with definitions of comparisons and other cognitive distortions (which I keep calling “automatic and unhelpful thoughts), I’m keeping those definitions here.

I’m keeping up with blogging every day by sharing my thoughts, my feelings, and the photos and other captured images I’m keeping up on my phone (which may explain why my phone is slowing down and having trouble keeping up with me these days) (but that’s not keeping me up at night).

Do you see keeping up in my images for today?

Today I’ll be keeping up with the National Days by seeking out my favorite flavor of ice cream, Rocky Road. Keeping up with National Leave the Office Early Day is challenging, since Thursdays I work late until 8, but I’m working from home (which I keep doing, except for Mondays, when I’m keeping up with work at the hospital).

Keeping up with the theme of irresistible dance music, here’s “Everybody Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was).

If you comment below, I’ll try keeping up with you by answering as soon as I can.

I’m keeping up with my tradition of taking photos of thank you’s so I can express my gratitude every day for all those who are keeping up with me, including YOU.

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