Day 2054: Something uncanny happened.

Something uncanny happened on the wall of our hotel room in Reykjavik on our last night in Iceland:

That uncanny quote is from page 67 of From Behind the Mountains.

During the second roundup that fall something uncanny happened. We found one sheep after another who behaved as though they’d already been herded, as though they’d been calmed and brought into the drove.

Something uncanny happened when I tried to search for the author of From Behind the Mountains. Google returned NO matching results. Uncanny.

All during the day and night yesterday, something uncanny happened in different parts of Iceland. See if anything uncanny happens when you take a look at my uncanny photos.

If something uncanny should happen in the upcoming United States midterm elections, I can always move to Iceland. After all, uncanny Iceland has lots of naturally uncanny beauty, sheep, cats, puffins who live in cliffs on an uncanny island, and bagels too!

Something uncanny will be happening very soon when we fly off to uncanny Edinburgh and start our latest uncanny adventure at the uncanny Fringe Festival.

I look forward to your uncanny comments.

Uncanny thanks to all who have helped me create these uncanny posts about uncanny Iceland and also thanks to you. Why? Because I’m canny and I can.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2054: Something uncanny happened.

  1. Hi Ann, again thank you for your feast of wondrous photos. It’s very “uncanny” the photo of the main street looking down towards the big rocky headland, and how it looks so similar to a lovely coastal town in Tasmania, called Stanley, I’ll attach link in next comment below. 😆

  2. Stanley, and headland is simply called the “Nut”!Asumt4cZ9A65g5UN9yqEd1zSQ8i2jg

  3. Who’s that peering through the window in the second of your enticing pictures?

  4. what a trip!

  5. Your Iceland trip has kept my attention for sure, Ann.

  6. Because I work in a library I’m used to finding books and I believe the title you’re really looking for is Behind The Mountain by Ragnar Axelsson and Pétur Blöndal, a book of photographs of Iceland. I hope this rather canny information helps you.

  7. Uncanny geologic formations! And the Elbow Ghost plaque was so interesting that I read it aloud to DH this morning. Safe travels!

  8. Thank you for these beautiful, beautiful photos, Ann . Uncannily, my son sent me a photo of a black cat that he took in Iceland last week, and I am pretty sure it was the same cat!

  9. A canner, exceedly canny,
    One evening remarked to his granny;
    A canner can can anything that he can,
    But a canner can’t can a can, can he?

    Candidly, I like that one small bite of the chocolate cake was sacrificed before the photo.

  10. The light is beautiful and the puffins very cute, but I would miss trees…

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