Day 3520: Start where you are

I will start this post where I am — on my way from Boston’s Logan Airport in a Lyft to our home on the South Shore.

Because I am starting the day with no sleep after a red-eye flight from Portland, Oregon, I may need to change the ending after I gather and share all my latest photos. Let’s see where we end up.

Start where you are and you very well may end up with pizza.

This is what I find on YouTube when I start searching for “start where you are.”

I start and end with gratitude no matter where I am, so thanks to all who help me start and end my blog posts, including YOU.

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Day 3519: Where every hour is happy hour

Yesterday, as my beloved friend Maria and I spent many happy hours exploring The Joy Store and other happily wonderful parts of Portland, Oregon, I noticed this sign:

Every hour in Portland has been a happy hour for me. I’m also happy about returning back to Boston and to my happy husband, son, and cats today (although I doubt that every hour of my loooooong flight back is going to be happy).

Here and now, I’m happy to spend a happy hour creating today’s blog post and sharing all these images with you.

On International Being You Day, I am so happy to be spending more happy hours with Portland people who are always their wonderful selves.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “where every hour is happy hour.”

Gratitude makes every hour happy hour, so thanks to all who help me spend happy hours creating this daily blog, including YOU!

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Day 3518: You are loved!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget that I am loved, even when I’m around people who love me. So it was nice to see this sticker yesterday when I was on the road in Portland, Oregon:

When you realize you are loved, life seems much more lovely, including all these other images I would love to share with you, here and now.

You are loved, no matter what the Daily Bitch says.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “you are loved.”

You are loved and I would love to know what you think and feel about today’s post.

Thanks to all who are loved, including YOU!

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Day 3517: I am not a bot

I am not a bot and that is why I can blog, share a definition of “bot” in this post …

… and find this online:

Even though I am not a bot, somebody on Twitter reported me as a bot, which I found abot as pleasant as botulism:

I am not a bot, so I noticed the discrepancy between “I suspect she is a bot” and “I have no intention of hurting her feelings.” I also read the referred-to letter from Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal about spotting bots and it was clear from that, too, that I am not a bot, so I blocked that person on Twitter who reported me.

Yesterday, I tweeted this:

People said I could prove that I was not a bot by blocking someone or also by tweeting a photo of myself holding up two fingers, so — again — I am not a bot.

In case you have any remaining doubt about whether I am not a bot, I ask you this: could a bot travel from Boston to the Pacific Northwest and share all these images?

I am not a bot, so I can recognize that the Daily Bitch is uncharacteristically not being a bitch today. Also, I can’t bike to work on National Bike to Work Day because (1) I don’t have a bike and (2) I’m on vacation thousands of miles away from work.

Here is what I find when I search for “I am not a bot” on YouTube:

I am not a bot, so I can express gratitude to all others who are not a bot, including YOU.

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Day 3516: See the good

It’s easy for me to see the good when I spend time with good people like my wonderful friend Maria in good places like Olympia, Washington, where I saw this yesterday:

Olympia, which is the good capital of the good state of Washington (which I knew even though I wasn’t good in Geography) (which reminds me of a good story about when I wrote on a Geography test in Elementary School that the capital of Belgium was Broccoli instead of Brussels) has a good restaurant named Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar.

Our good server, Emma, helped us see what was good on the menu at Chelsea Farms and was good enough to let me take a photo of her good tattoo, which my regular readers will see is good for this blog.

Do you see the good in the other images in today’s post?

The bright sunshine and warmer weather definitely help me see the good on National May Ray Day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “see the good”:

Thanks to everyone who helps me see and share the good every day, including YOU.

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Day 3515: I like this place in Oregon

Yesterday, when I saw this on a bulletin board at the beautiful Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon …

… I said to my dear friend Maria, “That’s the title of tomorrow’s blog.”

I like many places in Oregon too, especially when I am surrounded by lovely people and animals in Portland and also — from a distance — lovely people and animals in Boston and on social media.

What places do you like in today’s post?

I like this place in Oregon and I like that Michael sent me photos of the Daily Bitch Calendar I forgot to pack back in Boston.

I like this place in every day’s blog post when I express gratitude for all those I like, including YOU.

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Day 3514: What I forgot to pack

Whenever I pack for a trip, I make many decisions about what to take and what to leave behind. Rather than get too caught up in perfectionism about that, I remind myself that no matter what I forget to pack, I can always adapt. At the same time, I make sure that I have my medication, my identification, a device so I can blog and tweet, and layers of clothing to wear no matter what the weather.

Yesterday, when I was packing for my trip to Portland, I couldn’t decide whether to take a portable music keyboard. I packed it, took it out, and then repacked it again.

On the way to the airport, I talked to my Lyft driver about that nagging feeling that I had forgotten SOMETHING. He related to that, mentioning a toothbrush as something he had forgotten to pack in previous travels.

When I was on board the plane, I felt pretty secure I had everything I needed for the ride, including masks, something to read, and snacks (especially useful because the airline announced that only people who had reserved food over a week ago could get any). After my friend Maria picked me up at the Portland airport and I got settled in her lovely home, I realized, as usual, that there was one thing I had forgotten to pack.

Let’s see if my readers can guess what that might be, as they look through the images in today’s blog.

Happy National Pack Rat Day (which seems somehow appropriate as I post about packing). And by the way, I didn’t pack walnuts, cherry cobbler, or a graduation tassel and I’m not in Idaho, but I’m okay with all that.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what I forgot to pack.”

Hint: I didn’t pack everything on her list and she didn’t have what I forgot on hers.

Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts about this what-I-forgot-to-pack post and thanks to all who help me blog every day (no matter where in the world I am), including YOU!

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Day 3244: I love _____

I love asking people questions, so how would you fill in the blank of today’s title?

Last night, after a wonderful last day of a New York vacation, I said “I love New York” out loud as I was walking through Times Square.

I love looking on YouTube for relevant videos, so here’s an example of the “I Love New York” advertising campaign from the 1970s …

… and a 1978 version of the song from that campaign.

I love sharing my images with you in this daily blog, so here are many reasons I love New York

I love:

  • the High Line walk,
  • wonderful, talented people like Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste,
  • delicious French food at restaurants like La Rivage, and
  • Twitter even when I’m on vacation.

I love people loving themselves more.

I love getting comments and I love ending each blog post with gratitude for YOU!

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Day 3243: What does FOMO stand for?

Friends Of Mine, Our Fear Of Missing Out is a Frequently Occurring Malady. Ouch!

Fear Of Missing Out Flings Our Minds On Frantic Odysseys, Many Outrageous.

Fear Of Missing Out Fractures Our Mindfulness Of Fortunate Opportunities, Masking Options.

Fear Of Missing Out on Freshly Observed Manhattan Objects?


Fear Of Missing One Fabulously Original Musical Opus?


Finally, Our Major Objective:

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Day 3056: The places that scare you

What are the places that scare you?

New places can be scary, so when I travelled to Nashville earlier this week, I took along this book:

On the plane, which is one of the places that scares people, I read that wise and wonderful book. I didn’t go to any of the places that scare me, including the news and the catastrophizing part of my mind.

Do you see places that scare you in any of my images for today?

Despite that message I recently got on my phone, freethinkers — the fabulous blogging place of Chris Waldrop, my brother from another mother — is not a place that scares me.

Here are some places I find on YouTube when I search for “the places that scare you”:

I hope the comments section of this blog is not a place that scares you.

No matter what places I go to these days, I go there with less fear and more gratitude, so thanks for joining me in this place today.

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