Day 1658: Ready?

Ready for some links to other posts I’ve written about being ready? Ready or not, here, here, here, here, herehere they come.

After I wrote that first “Ready” post on Day 10 of this blog, I was ready to create this t-shirt:


I left the house before I felt ready yesterday (wearing that t-shirt) because a furniture delivery at our new home by the sea was scheduled between 7:30 and 10:30 AM. I wondered if I would be ready for my 9 AM haircut appointment, miles away, and then ready for Comcast to come to the new home in the afternoon.

The furniture delivery guys showed up at 8 and I was ready for them. However, I wasn’t ready for this exchange:

Furniture delivery guys: You ordered a white table, right?

Me: No!

Furniture delivery guys: You didn’t?  That’s all we’ve got.

Me: Arrrrgh.

Furniture delivery guys: It’s a poker table, right?

Me: Are you guys yanking my chain?

Furniture delivery guys: (silence and then laughter when I punched one of them in the arm)

Me: Do you guys usually pretend you have the wrong stuff?

Furniture delivery guys: ALL THE TIME.

Even though I wasn’t ready for those guys to be such excellent actors that I was totally fooled for a few moments, I was ready for them to deliver our dining room set and so were they.





They were definitely ready for their close-up.

On my way to MiAlisa salon, I was ready to take a picture of a car in front of me with the license plate “ANGRY,” with my iPhone set to ready, aim,  fire on the dashboard of my car.


Ready to learn that the car on the left is the Angry one? That reminded me that those ready furniture delivery guys had told me that people readily get angry when they pretend they have the wrong stuff in the truck.

Ready for my other photos from yesterday?







Whether or not we’re ready, we’ve moving to our new home by the ocean tomorrow, July 17.

Gotta go pack so we’re ready for the movers tomorrow at 7 AM, but first, are you ready for more thanks from me?




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46 thoughts on “Day 1658: Ready?

  1. I am ready to share your exciting and beautiful new chapter by the sea, Ann. What a beautiful new dining set you chose, to match the floor and compliment the view. Bravo. On to the final preparations for tomorrow’s big move, my friend.

  2. Day 1658 (4) Ah, those furniture boys, have my sense of humour. Hope your moving goes smoothly for you. Your new abode looks lovely.

  3. We’re all ready for the big day

  4. HA! Love those furniture guys, Ann! ♡
    Diana xo

  5. Amanda Curtin

    Congratulations on your new home by the sea! I am so happy for you. Guess what? I have been going to Leonard Stephens and now the person i see will be at MiAlisa! Maybe I will see you there 🙂

  6. I’m ready to read about your ocean adventure

  7. I’m already impressed with your new home. Happy moving! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

  8. I love it all! The bright light in your new home, the sea, THE SOCKS — life is beautiful, isn’t it? Keep on sharing it with us — we dance along with you!

  9. Good paced music to finish your packing. Thanks for not using your taser on the moving guys. Too cute. I think your new dining table is going to be very welcoming with some yummy food prepared by Michael. I hope health, wealth and happiness are constant companions in your new home.

  10. I really enjoyed your delightful moving crew.

    Your new home by the sea really looks new! And so beautiful. I am sending truckloads of good wishes for you and Michael and Aaron.

  11. Congratulations with your new home!

  12. I was ready to quote Hamlet’s “readiness is all” speech but then your early morning fun and that license plate reminded me of the joke “I could have woken up grumpy this morning but instead I just let him sleep.”

  13. Those delivery guys were a hoot! Ready or not, moving day will come. May you have some lighthearted moments tomorrow … and may you get to sit on the deck overlooking the sea 😎

  14. The nice thing about that table? Those guys who delivered it set in place a good karma of fun and laughter with it. I like them. 🙂

  15. that is kinda funny- but I would have started to cry most likely. Love the floor and the table and chairs!!!

    • I have been close to tears several times, Lisa. I was ready for the move to be stressful but that readiness doesn’t reduce the stress!

  16. Nice range hood! Nice special wood floor with that unique inset design. Nice views! Breathe… tomorrow night it will be over. Btw, my new Apple Watch tells me, by my instructions, to breathe seeping once an hour! Comes in handy!

  17. I love that t-shirt. And your new home looks lovely. I hope you settle in quickly and love it as much as you hope.

  18. Very exciting!!!!

  19. The table looks good the delivery guys sound funny and I am damn cold so going to put warmer pants on as in Pj’s

  20. What a beautiful dining and kitchen space you’ve found, Ann. It will complement the beauty of those dinner plates that you so often share with us. It seems you have great views, both inside and out !! Enjoy it all, even the move.

  21. Pingback: Day 2316: How to get ready | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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