Day 1756: Where is it?

Because I often misplace things (usually temporarily) and because we recently moved to a new home, I’m often asking

Where is it?

Here are recent examples of my asking today’s title question:

I just listened to my iPhone with my new pair of bluetooth earbuds.  Where is it?

I love wearing my mother’s long-sleeved denim shirt. Where is it?

I get so many compliments on my “Left the House before I Felt Ready” t-shirt.  Where is it?

I haven’t filled out that donation receipt from the MetroWest Humane Society.  Where is it?

There’s a control somewhere for the steam shower.  Where is it?

There’s got to be a market around here that has great produce.  Where is it?

I smell cat pee.  Where is it?

Where is it that I took these photos yesterday?













Where is it that I took all those photos? In and around Boston, Massachusetts.

There’s a performance on YouTube from the musical Fun Home, which I saw  yesterday in Boston with my fun friend Deb.  Where is it?

There’s a place to leave comments for this blog.  Where is it?  (It’s below the post.)

I always express gratitude at the end of my posts.  Where is it?


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25 thoughts on “Day 1756: Where is it?

  1. Fun post – as usual, Ann 🙂
    Your cat’s photo is the best one…

  2. Where is fun? Everywhere, obviously, no matter how big the universe is.

  3. 1. I cannot believe there are poo cookies! 2. You did NOT misplace the cat pee. I believe one of the cats did. 3. That is the most beautiful marsh…

  4. Where do I find my smile?? Ahh, come and read Ann’s post, there it is! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Oh where is my mug of water, that I put on bedside table last night, went for my morning drink of water and my tablets, and humbug, no mug of water, where did it go during the dark of night !! I’ve searched the entire house, and not to be found, it’s my special mug, inscribed “Take Your Tablets”, Oh where, Oh where is my mug…..!!

  6. Found the comment box😘

  7. Where is it??????????????????
    I do not know…………………
    Damn I often don’t know where I am……………………..

  8. There are enough clues to suggest Boston. But Lincolnshre or US? I plump for the original 🙂

  9. It is where it is, Ann.

  10. Ann, you are not alone in your question. I ask it often and usually its right under my nose.

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