Day 1423: Strange

During these strange times, is it strange that I

  • wake up writing my next strange blog post in my strange head?
  • am solving lots of strange jigsaw puzzles online?
  • consult with  doctors every week to make sure my strange heart is doing its best to extend my strange life?
  • work on letting go of strange feelings from lots of strange experiences I’ve had this fall?
  • have some strange fear about the future?
  • surround myself with strange but wonderful people?
  • take comfort in seeing movies like Dr. Strange?

Here are recent strange photos I took with my increasingly strange iPhone:



















































Here’s what’s strange about that last photo: that “6 ft Santa Claus” was shorter than me, and I’m 5 ft 3 in.

Also, I could have sworn I took a screen shot of my phone yesterday when the time was 11:22 on 11/22, but apparently not.

What seems particularly strange to you, here and now?

Is it strange that I’m having trouble deciding which strange music to include now?   There are so many strange choices!

Here‘s my strange decision:

Is it strange for me to ask for a comment below?

Strange days, my friends.  But it would be a strange day indeed if I forgot to thank all who helped me create this strange blog post and you — of course! —  for helping my world seem less strange.

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36 thoughts on “Day 1423: Strange

  1. never strange to ask for a comment- it would be strange for me not to!! This is what popped into my head when I saw your title- I thought it strange such an oldie but good should come to mind

  2. that’s goodie my friend- it is not strange I made a mistake- I have only had 1 cup of coffee. Hope it’s a good day Ann!

    • You needed more than one strange brew this morning, Lisa! It’s not strange to make mistakes; I make them all the time. Make no mistake about this: I love whenever you visit me!

  3. Great song choice!

    I’m thinking that that santa Is carrying the world on his shoulders. 😟

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I think we are ALL experiencing strange in our own ways these days. I know I sure am… So your post didn’t seem all that strange. In fact, I LOVED the picture of the girl in the bottle. It REALLY spoke to me!

  5. It’s not strange that as soon as I saw the title of your post I thought of that same Doors song. And it’s not strange that you take comfort in seeing movies like Dr. Strange. Some people find it strange that I’d rather see a movie in the theater than at home but going out makes me feel connected to strangers. Once after the credits rolled all of us in the theater–a group of strangers–gathered at the front and had an impromptu discussion about what we’d just seen.
    The strangest thing to me though is that “strange” doesn’t have the same negative connotation as some of its synonyms–weird, bizarre, aberrant, abnormal…although the truly strange thing is that those words have a negative connotation at all.

  6. What was strange to me was the Little Building 1917. I was finding it strange that there were so many old posters in an active theatre. Is it a strange museum? Enough strangeness for now. They may not remember your name when you’re strange, but they’ll never forget you. Cheers!

  7. So many intriguing pictures! I didn’t know there was an animated version of Star Trek: Wrath of Khan–I wonder where I can find it!

  8. “It’s too bad she won’t live. But then, who does?” Where was that sign? I hope not at a hospital!

  9. jigsaw puzzles??

  10. People are strange. Great movie pics.

  11. Strange indeed! Where’s the turkey? Happy Thanksgiving, Ann and family!

  12. Life is full of strange things and strange people, I am somewhat strange but that is ok strange is good but not strange as in weird and creepy that is not good, I often have strange thoughts running through my head but usually know to keep said strange thoughts to myself

  13. I thought it was strange that there were no photos of kitties or dinner, but then there was dinner.

  14. It’s strange to think how much the particular sound of the Doors depended on Jim Morrison. Happy Thanksgiving, Anne!

  15. What a strange, strange boy:

  16. There’s nothing strange about your first photo — it’s delightful! or is that delightfully strange?

    And the Majestic Theatre — BRAVO!!!! Nothing strange about their message — except maybe in these times it’s strange it needs to be said, or that it takes courage to say it — but then, that’s not strange.
    Just strangely sad.

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