Day 1406: Unlimited

When people ask me how I can blog daily, I reply that there are unlimited sights and sounds that inspire these posts, even when my activity is limited by recent heart-related surgeries.

For example, there seems to be an unlimited number of teabag sayings I can include here.


While I have a limited capacity to believe that I, personally, am unlimited, here is a limited list of unlimited things I experience around me:

  • Love
  • Fear
  • Hope
  • Doubt
  • Anger
  • Forgiveness
  • Worry
  • Acceptance
  • Anxiety
  • Judgment
  • Beauty
  • Injustice
  • Kindness
  • Comparisons
  • Colors
  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Creativity
  • Wounding
  • Healing
  • Isolation
  • Connection

I hope there are unlimited connections among that list and my other photos from yesterday.

























Because I have limited time here on earth, I have unlimited appreciation for what’s around me.

Here‘s an unlimited song from the musical Wicked:


I have unlimited gratitude for music, my friend Deb, Watertown Massachusetts USA, walks near water, the beauty of autumn, and you — of course! — for your unlimited generosity in visiting my blog, today.

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30 thoughts on “Day 1406: Unlimited

  1. You have unlimited photos and an unlimited ability to write each day!

  2. Sights and sounds and taste do inspire to create

  3. “Humans push their limits. It is their first approach to any problem. When they learn where the limits lie they fill in missing information until the limit breaks. When they break a limit they look for the limit beyond that.”
    That’s from “Limits”, a short story by Larry Niven in which two aliens discuss the human tendency to impose limits on ourselves. And yet what goes unsaid in the story but which you’ve said here is the idea of limits allows us to imagine the opposite–that we can be limitless.

    • Uh…. Geese!

      Is it usual for people to spraypaint their art on bricks there?

      • I have unlimited relief that somebody from Canada would eventually be able to identify Canadian geese, Maureen. And spray painted art is more unlimited on some surfaces around here than on others.

  4. The bleeding has been limited, so enjoy the unlimited beauty!

  5. Beautiful images Ann!

  6. What a lovely theme for a post- thought provoking with fantastic images x

  7. Hope you’re progressing well.

  8. Beautiful pictures and thoughts, today! I especially loved the geese (were they geese or ducks?? I’m a bit, um, challenged in my knowledge of birds.) And, the ghost was a perfectly unlimited addition to the bunch. What gorgeous foliage pictures as well…!!!! This season holds unlimited grandeur.. 🙂

    • I offer unlimited thanks to you for this comment. Don’t worry about your limited knowledge of birds: those are geese but there were definitely ducks around, too.

  9. You are unlimited.

  10. Beautiful photos with the leaves and the geese. It’s turning into a lovely fall. And that little ghost on the bricks is charming! Glad you’re out and about enjoying all the fall beauty.

  11. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay is that brik wall ware casper the frendly gost lives??? becuz that gost luks pritty frendly!!! the other gost luks a littel bit spaysed owt with his skware sunglasses tho he reeminds me of my frend spicoli!!! ha ha ok bye

  12. If more people had unlimited compassion and kindness the world would be a better place

  13. ….and if you set yourself a task, you do not give up. Some great photos here

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